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Ayrton at PLASA London 2018 – Full Preview

Ayrton at PLASA London 2018 – Full Preview
Ayrton at PLASA London 2018 – Full Preview

UK – Ayrton brings yet more innovation to PLASA London with the launch of two fabulous new products and some UK ‘firsts’ when it exhibits, with exclusive UK distributor, Ambersphere Solutions, on Stand K40.

PLASA London sees the launch of Bora-S, Ayrton’s exciting new high output, low power LED washlight, complete with gobo projection and framing capabilities for stunning aerial effects. Bora-S’s extreme optical efficiency delivers a remarkable output of 38,000lm from an 8000K white LED engine of just 750W to surpass any other LED fixture in its class and 1500W/1700W discharge fixtures at a fraction of the power consumption.

Bora-S is the perfect washlight for large scale venues and outdoor and indoor arenas, yet it is also fully featured with a 178mm PC front lens for greater performance, a 8:1 zoom delivering a beam range of 8° to 64°, full field framing, an iris, a rotating gobo wheel, two colour wheels and a full CMY + CTO colour system with a CRI greater than 70 – with incredibly smooth transitions at all focal lengths.

What else can deliver all these extra effects from a stunning wash fixture? Ayrton’s LED Bora-S surpasses conventional discharge fixtures in output, performance and price whilst slashing power requirements and all the associated costs. All this, in a package with the same footprint and similarly compact body as Ayrton’s successful Ghibli!

Alongside Bora-S, Ayrton will also launch the brand new Khamsin-S automated LED profile spotlight at PLASA London. The brightest LED profile spotlight on the market, outputting a massive 39,000lm, Khamsin-S has it all: unparalleled optical efficiency using the same modest 750W white LED engine as Bora-S and a wealth of quality features that include two rotating gobo wheels, an animation wheel, full field framing, two prisms, an iris, two frosts, two fixed colour wheels and a full CMY + linear CTO colour system, plus a 9:1 zoom with a 6.5° to 56° beam range. These combine with Khamsin-S’s brilliance to give lighting designers a full tool box with which to realise their design dreams, and full rein on their design specifications with no compromise.

Khamsin-S provides an LED alternative that exceeds the performance and capabilities of 1500W/1700W discharge fixtures, at an equal price point, yet at a fraction of the running costs and with no compromise on power or performance.

Khamsin-S is the only serious alternative to any 1500W/1700W discharge spot and comes in a similarly-sized housing as its wash partner Bora-S.

TC versions of both Bora and Khamsin with TM30 results over 90 are available on request so customers can choose between the “TC-version” (True Colour) with a high CRI, or opt for a maximum of output with the “S-Version” (Stage).

Beautifully designed for all large venues and touring applications and offering a complete range of solutions for lighting designers, Ayrton Bora-S and Khamsin-S also offer an enormous return on investment for many reasons, all of which make them especially attractive to rental houses: their huge optical efficiency, compared to discharge fixtures and other LED fixtures, results in a massive output of 38,000 lumens and 39,000 lumens respectively, from an LED source that uses only 750W of power.

Khamsin-S is the brightest LED profile spotlight on the market with a price point equal to 1500W/1700W discharge fixtures that offer a lower output, meaning lighting designers’ wish lists of fixtures are less likely to be compromised due to budget restrictions.

Bora-S is a full wash fixture with gobo projection and full field framing all-in-one unit, displaying smooth transitions between them all and more design possibilities from the same fixture.

Unbeatable in size, weight and optical efficiency, Bora-S and Khamsin-S have compact housings which take up less room in a rig and need less storage space in a warehouse. They require lower maintenance and fewer man-hours due to the long life of the LED source replacing conventional lamps, which also reduces heat damage. Running costs are significantly lower, in addition to which, the lower power consumption means fewer generators and lower plant hire costs for outdoor events.

Also on display in London for the first time is Mistral-S, the high output version of Ayrton’s popular Mistral-TC spot luminaire. At 18.6kg and super small in size, Mistral-S outputs a spectacular 17,000 lumens which aligns it with a 800W/1000W discharge fixtures. It is by far the most powerful light in that area of the market. The broad range of features and the attractive price remain the same as the Mistral-TC version, so the customer has an entirely unfettered choice.

As if all this was not enough, pop by stand number K40 where Ayrton will be happy to show a glimpse into the future…

Ayrton will also be at the 11th Knight of Illumination Awards which it is supporting for the fourth year running. The Awards take place at London’s Eventim Apollo Hammersmith on 16 September and will be a glittering occasion to showcase the best in UK lighting design.

3rd September 2018

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