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EM Acoustics HALO-C Perfect Fit For Reigate Baptist Church

EM Acoustics HALO-C Perfect Fit For Reigate Baptist Church

UK – Reigate Baptist Church had been struggling with audio clarity in the sanctuary since the new building opened in 2005. The church recently resolved this issue by upgrading to a new EM Acoustics sound reinforcement system.

Matt Kefford, the gathering pastor at Reigate Baptist Church, who is also an electrician by trade and performs as a musician/sound engineer explains: “It was like the mix was always muddy no matter what we did, and we couldn’t have it very loud because the sound wasn’t pleasant. I found it so frustrating.”

The church had moved into its new purpose-built community centre in 2005. The interior of the church featured a lot of brickwork and glass which, along with its peculiar shape (the back wall of the auditorium is curved), caused acoustic issues. It was less than ideal.

“Even now we are still paying the mortgage on the new property,” Kefford continues. “I decided to try to write a grant application and see if we could fund a new sound system without adding to our debt.”

While working on that, Kefford began to explore his options, obtaining quotes for new systems from a range of systems integrators, including Bristol-based Stage Electrics. “I got a call from Stage Electrics who told me they had the ideal person to help,” remembers Kelford. “They said their system designer Jamie Gosney had done a lot of work in churches, and he would be happy to share his experience with us.”

Gosney met with Kefford and continued to stay in touch with him throughout the funding process. Stage Electrics demonstrated several systems at the church and by the time the money was available, the final EM Acoustics system had been designed – left/right hangs of HALO-C compact line arrays, each made up of four HALO-C enclosures along with two EMS118 subwoofers.

“EM Acoustics HALO-C has a wide horizontal dispersion which is ideal for the auditorium, which is wider than it is deep,” explains Gosney. “The previous system was difficult to control in terms of coverage. Using HALO-C meant we could direct the sound into the congregation and keep it off the reflective surfaces, which improved the sound dramatically.”

The Stage Electrics team also worked to ensure that the system wasn’t too visually intrusive. The compact HALO-C, measuring only 19.4-inches (492mm) wide and weighing in at 37.4lbs (17kg), was very discreet.

“The church is very modern with clean lines that would benefit from a compact system, making the HALO-C a perfect fit,” adds Gosney. “It took time from initial enquiry to installation, but the result was worth it. The vocals and music of each service is stellar. Everyone at the church is incredibly pleased with the sound of the new system.”

12th September 2018

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