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Martin Audio systems help Budee in prestigious CUC Masterclass sponsorship

Martin Audio systems help Budee in prestigious CUC Masterclass sponsorship
Martin Audio systems help Budee in prestigious CUC Masterclass sponsorship

China – Budee’s recent sponsorship of the 15th annual Communication University of China Sound School (CUC) Recording Masterclass was a major success. The event has grown to become one of the biggest in China for those in the recording industry and Martin Audio’s Chinese distributor, who were sponsoring it for the first time, ensured the British manufacturer had a good presence at the event, fielding stacked pairs of DD12 and PRX subwoofers on either side of the stage in the CUC auditorium on the opening day. Proceedings then relocated to the live house/performance space on the university campus in Beijing.

CUC has a reputation as one of the top institutions in the field of information communication and has a pivotal position in the Chinese recording art education sector. Its masterclass event started in 2001 as an informal gathering of foreign experts with Chinese professors and leaders in the recording industry, eager to build knowledge through lectures and workshops. Annually it has become the most influential and important event of its kind in the Chinese recording industry.

In fielding industry-leading pro audio recording and playback tools, Budee favoured the Martin Audio Differential Dispersion technology. “We chose DD12 for the auditorium because we found it needed a little more fill to cover the entire venue and it served as a very easy, very quick solution that we could implement right away and then remove after the first day,” stated Budee’s Manager, Business Communications & Development Dept, Brandon Chemers.

“For the second and third day, the space was a little more open and because it would be in place for a longer period, we were able to utilise MLA Mini in the hall.”

In sponsoring the event with Music Fans, a rapidly growing unique news media and product information platform, Budee took full advantage of this unique opportunity, and the success of the enterprise can be measured by the fact that nearly 1,100 people attended over the three days, with a further 700,000 watching through live broadcast.

“This was the first time Budee sponsored the CUC Masterclass and it was a rousing success,” concluded Brandon Chemers. “Each day the hall was packed and the response from the internet live cast was also the highest it has ever been. We were very happy to have a diverse group of presenters who brought very interesting content and to whom the audience really responded.”

17th September 2018

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