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Media Vision looks to the future with Thailand’s first K1 system

Media Vision looks to the future with Thailand’s first K1 system

Thailand – Media Vision Co., Ltd is Thailand’s premier full-service rental house and has recently taken delivery of the region’s first L-Acoustics K1 KX standard system, which includes the recently shipped P1 processor, KS28, and LA-RAK II. Managing director Thanaruch Hongskule, aka Joe, cites the acquisition as the best choice for long-term investment for the company.

“Media Vision already holds an extensive range of loudspeakers, but with business increasing it needed to expand on this,” explains Tanapat ‘Tony’ Mongkolkosol from Vision One, L-Acoustics’ certified provider distributor for the region. “To maintain its position as the number one rental provider for the region, a solution that matches international artists’ riders and can meet the demands of Thailand’s burgeoning EDM market was required. K1 fulfils both these requirements and would allow Media Vision to service the shows that comes through the region.”

In spring 2018, Media Vision took delivery of a system comprising 48 K1 and 16 K1-SB, along with 24 K2, 12 Kara, 42 KS28, 24 X15HiQ and 20 LA-RAK II, to add to its existing stock of Kara.

Almost immediately thereafter, partnering with associate company Lightsource, Media Vision held the Joe-Joe Showcase, so named after Joe from Lightsource and Joe from Media Vision. Taking place in the Banquet Hall of Nathong in Bangkok, the showcase allowed Media Vision to highlight the benefits of its new K1 system to more than 900 of Thailand’s industry professionals.

The event featured a Thai female artiste giving a rendition of Whitney Houston’s I Have Nothing, which underlined K1’s intelligibility and smooth response. This was followed by high level playback of Mansa and Gulch to demonstrate the impact and full range of the system. The evening continued with dinner and a nod to the EDM market with performances from famous Thai DJs. “It was a huge success and the attendees were really impressed with the system,” enthused Tony.

Since then, Media Vision’s K Series has been in constant use, including in the Thai edition of Heineken’s Sensation, one of the world’s biggest EDM parties, held in Halls 98 and 99 of the Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC), which have a combined capacity of 20,000. L-Acoustics’ involvement in Sensation goes back to the festival beginnings in Amsterdam in the early 2000s. For the Thai edition, Media Vision supplied a massive K1, K2, Kara, and KS28 configuration to deliver the SPL and sonic quality that has cemented L-Acoustics reputation for excellence on the EDM scene.

At the Saengsom Full Moon Party, Bangkok’s famous glow-in-the-dark paint party, Media Vision again deployed a combination of K1, K2, K1-SB, Kara and KS28, with K2 and KS28 seen at teenage music festival What the Fest at Bangkok’s Royal Paragon Hall.

Corporate and sporting events have also had the K Series treatment with Media Vision supplying systems for two major events held at Impact Arena: the Muang Thai Insurance gathering and the Badminton Thailand Open.

“We are delighted that Media Vision has chosen to make such a significant investment in L-Acoustics,” says David Cooper, L-Acoustics sales manager. “Adding a premier system such as K1 to its inventory raises both Media Vision and Thailand to the top tier of the international touring map.”

“Media Vision is extremely happy with its K1 investment and with the support it has received from the entire L-Acoustics team,” says Tony. “But what they are even more happy with is that K1 is in such demand. They hardly see it in the warehouse.”

“This is the beginning of Media Vision truly being part of the L-Acoustics family,” concludes Hongskule. “The K1 system has added a whole new dimension to our audio offering and we love it.”

In pciture: Chung Wah Khiew (L-Acoustics, application engineer), David Cooper (L-Acoustics), Prosobporn Sornkrasin (head of sound team, Media Vision), Thanaruch Hongskule (managing director, Media Vision (1994) Co., Ltd., Tanapat Mongkolkosol (chief operation officer, Vision One Co., Ltd.) and Alvin Koh (L-Acoustics, head of application engineer, Asia).

26th September 2018

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