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New Claypaky Products at PLASA

New Claypaky Products at PLASA

UK - The brand new, technologically advanced Axcor Profile 600 and Axcor Profile 400 join the Axcor Profile 900, and extend the Claypaky LED light family. There is now a unit with beam shaper for each power band, each application, and every pocket. Both new models are based on the same technology, a white LED light source. They both fit the well known Claypaky framing device, which works on four focal planes and is covered by an international patent. Axcor Profile 600 and Axcor Profile 400 are offered in two models: one that enhances the high light output or alternatively a model featuring very high colour rendering (CRI = 90).

Featuring a 500W white LED engine, Axcor Profile 600 is the new benchmark on the medium-high market, standing out for its versatility, its high level performance and the superior quality of its light.

Axcor Profile 600 fits a 5.3°-47.2° wide zoom (1:9 ratio), a very complete colour system, an outstanding effect section with animation wheel, patented framing system and mechanical iris and a 16-bit electronic dimmer.

The luminous efficiency is among the highest for this power category, and can be further increased by about 25% if necessary thanks to the exclusive 'boost mode'.

Axcor Profile 400 is the most professional moving head LED light in the medium category, packed with all the most advanced lighting, mechanical and electronic features: 300W white LED module, 6°-42° linear zoom, CMY+linear CTO + six-colour wheel, an outstanding effect section with animation wheel, patented framing system, mechanical iris and a 16-bit electronic dimmer.

Featuring an extraordinarily compact body (65 cm/25½ inches high), It is extremely quiet, and has three operating modes, which can be chosen according to needs: silent, standard and auto.

The Axcor 300 family of compact moving LED fixtures brings Claypaky’s no-compromise quality and performance to the low power category, that is the broadest in the market. The quality of their effects, their construction, and their high light output derive from the high-end products Claypaky specialises in. The AXCOR SPOT 300 has 17 gobos on two wheels, including seven high quality dichroic rotating gobos. The AXCOR WASH 300 has a 140mm front PC lens and linear 5.5°-42° zoom. The AXCOR BEAM 300 is able to emit a super-concentrated solid beam with a beam angle as small as 2° and a surprising light output.

The Hepikos is an innovative Hybrid wash/beam light that combines low power consumption with colour quality, without compromise, in its highly compact body. The light is built around a bright 440W Osram discharge lamp, and features a 5-40° zoom, CMY colour mixing, two colour wheels. Thanks to its 185 mm diameter plano-convex front lens and its narrow 5° beam angle, it can produce a sharp, full-bodied beam, which may be used for striking aerial effects with saturated colours.

14th September 2018

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