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Robe at PLASA 2018

Robe at PLASA 2018
Robe at PLASA 2018

UK – Robe is proud to be a platinum sponsor for the 2018 PLASA (Professional Lighting & Sound Association) trade show in west London, now in its third year at the Olympia venue.

It is an important landmark for the expo, which has established itself as the go-to London based entertainment technology showcase, which is why Robe is choosing to make it the launchpad for a brand-new product, which is remaining absolutely top secret until 10:00am on Sunday 16th September on stand D40 when all will be revealed!

Also highlighted at the show is Robe’s very successful modular RoboSpot remote follow spotting system, which is now available with the latest Multi Device Control (MDC) software.

RoboSpot comprises several different elements which can be used in a variety of combinations to control up to 12 units of Robe’s newest fixtures including the BMFL range, MegaPointes, Pointes, DL7 and DL4 series luminaires.

The BMFL FollowSpot LT is another new fixture, shown at PLASA for the first time.

It is a brighter ‘Long throw’ version of the standard BMFL FollowSpot, with all the same as the standard BMFL FollowSpot, however it benefits from a different reflector and optics with a tighter beam spread optimised for extra brightness over long distances.

Visitors should be prepared to be stunned and amazed as Robe continues to make drama, live performance and a truly immersive entertainment ‘experience’ at the heart of their stand design and presence.

After PLASA 2017’s show-stopping ‘Mirror Man’ concept and the ambitious, highly visual and mega successful ‘Cirque Robe’ at Prolight in Frankfurt earlier this year, exhibition imagineering and detail is taken to another level with the first in a trilogy of impressive expo stand designs.

In addition to the new products, all the most popular and award-winning Robe moving lights will be featured at the show, including MegaPointe, Pointe, Tarrantula, Spiiders, the BMFL range, the theatre optimised DL series, LEDBeam 150s, ParFects, iParFects and many more.

Inspired by the spirit of multiculturalism and the positive energy of one of the greatest capital cities in the world, Robe looks to PLASA 2018 as a premium product showcase for the whole industry.

More than that, it is a valuable networking and communications opportunity. Just as the autumn touring season kicks in each year, PLASA is an idea place to be social and catch all the sociability, excitement, ideas as well as touch base with customers, friends and associates, reinforcing existing relationships and forging new ones.

As always, that famous Robe Czech Hospitality will be available on the stand and Robe looks forward to welcoming everyone.

Robe at PLASA 2018Robe at PLASA 2018

6th September 2018

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