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Robe Rocks PLASA with SuperSpikie

Robe Rocks PLASA with SuperSpikie
Robe Rocks PLASA with SuperSpikie

UK – Robe brought an animated, vibrant, high-impact theatre meets rock & roll live show to the centre of its stand design at the 2018 PLASA entertainment technology expo in London’s Olympia.

Putting ‘performance’ at the heart of the presentation, Robe launched its brand new SuperSpikie moving light.

The spectacular show, which also illustrated other new and current Robe products including the new RoboSpot remote follow spotting system running with MDC (multi device control) and the new iParFect, the first in a series of upcoming IP rated luminaires.

Inspired by the Tomb Raider and Indiana Jones films and e-games adventure genre, the show concept “The Lost World Trilogy”, was originated by Robe’s own creative team led by Nathan Wan and Andy Webb.

It is the first of three jaw-dropping movie set quality booth designs that will be rolled out by Robe at selected trade expos worldwide over the coming months.

Seven dancers starred in an all-action eight-minute extravaganza choreographed by Chris Manoe, taking them on a risky and dangerous mission negotiating jungles, caves and volcanoes in search of a stash of hidden treasures, which turn out to be SuperSpikies!

Complete with a specially compiled sound track, a custom in-house designed water curtain effect, oodles of moody fog and haze courtesy several MDG machines and utilising around 200 skilfully positioned Robe moving lights, Nathan explained: “The goal was to create an immersive highly visual environment where people would want to stay, meet, chat and discuss business.”

As well as creating a superlative piece of theatre to follow the acclaimed Robe “Cirque” show at this year’s Prolight+Sound Frankfurt and last year’s popular “Mirror Man” at PLASA, Robe strives to take interactive exhibition stand design to a new level.

“We are here to sell lighting products,” stated Nathan, “so we need to engage people on all levels and get them to look at how the products can enhance their work and projects in an entertaining and fun context.

Apart from pulling people to the booth, there was a massive buzz around the expo which ensured that Robe was a talking point, right there on the show floor and across social media and other communication channels.

Robe’s CEO Josef Valchar commented: “It looked amazing, the best, most interesting and detailed booth design we have produced to date, which really showcased the products in a scenario for which they were designed.”

With all those people flocking to the booth, business was brisk for the Czech manufacturer.

The SuperSpikie attracted plenty of attention with 18 incorporated into the show. The product is a larger, more powerful and seriously supercharged version of the phenomenally popular Spikie moving light with all the same features, and a much brighter, fatter beam plus rotating gobos for producing additional stunning aerial effects.

Visitors loved the cute little hedgehog ‘logo-bug’ stick-ons which were an extension of the ‘big-and-small hedgehog’ SuperSpikie teaser media campaign.

Robe’s modular RoboSpot remote followspotting system has been a great success over the last year, and this is now available with Multi Device Control (MDC) for use with up to 12 units of Robe’s newest fixtures, including the BMFL range, MegaPointes, DL7 and DL4 series luminaires and Pointes.

BMFL FollowSpot LT is another new product launched at the show, a brighter long throw version of the standard BMFL FollowSpot, with all the standard features and a different optical system and a tighter beam spread that is optimised for extra brightness over long distances.

Naturally the best-selling MegaPointe (its first public physical reveal was at PLASA 2017) was prominent in the show, together with Spiiders, Tarrantulas, Spikies, iParFects – in the rain curtains – CycBar 15s, ColorStrobes and Divine UVs.

The eyes of ‘Freddie the Rock’ came alive with a pair of Tarrantulas.

The set and matching drapes were made in the Czech Republic and road freighted to site where the Robe team, including exhibition co-ordinator Tomas Kohout and production manager Josh Williams spent two hectic days on site, while Nathan and Andy programmed furiously, and the dancers rehearsed.

A strong team from Robe International were on the booth, speaking multiple languages and ensuring guests enjoyed that renowned Czech hospitality, and an off-site party on the Sunday night in an exclusive central London rooftop location again provided a great after show vibe and a valuable place to chill, network and be spotted.

Says Josef: “We had a fantastic PLASA all round; the atmosphere was amazing, we caught up with lots of good people – many lighting designers were there this year – plus a great mix of rental companies, event producers and venue managers, lots of programmers and technicians and also plenty of young visitors who will be our future industry professionals! We made some excellent new contacts. Above all we thoroughly enjoyed the diversity and energy of London.”

photos: Louise Stickland

Robe Rocks PLASA with SuperSpikieRobe Rocks PLASA with SuperSpikie

20th September 2018

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