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Marc Lorenz Invests in RoboSpots

Marc Lorenz Invests in RoboSpots

Germany – It’s always a great boost to any manufacturer when a leading industry practitioner compliments a product publicly, and when they take that one step further and make a personal investment, it takes its value and influence to a different level.

Marc Lorenz of Licht-Pixel is a freelance lighting and visuals designer, programmer and operator based in Munich and working globally on a host of international projects with leading artists. Licht-Pixel owns an amount of specialist equipment related to lighting and visuals control, including a range of popular media servers, such as Catalyst, Resolume and Modul 8, etc., and the full range of Hog4 consoles.

Marc has recently invested in four full Robe RoboSpot remote followspotting systems: BaseStations and MotionCameras.

RoboSpot comprises several different elements that can be used in a variety of combinations to control up to 12 units of Robe’s newest fixtures including the BMFL range, MegaPointes, DL7 and DL4 series luminaires, Pointes and VIVA CMYs. MotionCameras relay visual and positional information to the BaseStation allowing the operator to accurately and instantly track performers with the assigned fixtures.

The move is a ‘logical step’ Marc reckons. “With this number of RoboSpots I can immediately service medium and even larger events optimally.” He sees the trend for remote follow spotting systems increasing and a product like RoboSpot as a solid investment opportunity for smaller niche-market rental companies like himself.

As so many of the larger rental and dry-hire companies already have large quantities of Robe moving lights in stock, Marc also knew that this was a good chance to offer complimentary services all linked in to the more esoteric area of control systems.

He highlights that working at height safety regulations have – with good reason – tightened in recent years, so having followspot operators in the roof of a venue also means additional budget for productions as well as all the safety considerations.

As a lighting designer in his own right, having the option of controlling multiple fixtures on the rig and the many creative advantages that this brings are also obvious to Marc.

He also mentions that the RoboSpot systems are easy to set up and intuitive to operate.

Marc first saw RoboSpots in action during a preview presentation with Robe. This was followed by the first hands-on encounter during the 2018 Helene Fischer tour where he was working as tech support on the Hog 4 consoles. Four back truss BMFL fixtures controlled via two RoboSpot base stations, all provided to the tour by leading rental company Satis & Fy.

After seeing them in action on the road, he was soon convinced of their flexibility, reliability and usefulness.

Licht-Pixel’s RoboSpots are run over fibre systems based on Neutrik opticalCON quad to make cabling easy, including Luminex based networking devices.

The systems have just been out on tour with German pop band PUR and will be on Herbert Gronemeyer’s Spring 2019 tour, then the Porsche Tennis Cup in Stuttgart.

photo: Marc Lorenz

28th January 2019

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