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NEXT-proaudio introduces LA26, Ultra-Compact Line Array

NEXT-proaudio introduces LA26, Ultra-Compact Line Array

NEXT-proaudio has announced the launch of the LA26, a new ultra-compact modular line source, with a long throw capability, delivering great sound quality at a very high SPL levels from the front row to the back of the entire audience.

The LA26 is a two-way, full range passive line array cabinet housing two 6.5" neodymium flat diaphragm drivers located in the side walls of the HF Oblate Spheroidal Waveguide, a 2" diaphragm HF neodymium driver and a passive network crossover presenting a nominal input impedance of 16Ω. A fast and easy 3-point auto-locking rigging mechanism is integrated for easy build of ground stacked or flown systems.

The new technology waveguide and coplanar transducer configuration, generates precisely coherent wavefronts uniformly spread in the horizontal plane (105°) and precisely coupled in the vertical plane without sacrificing HF presence in the far field, further eliminating the low-mid lobbing normally associated with two-way line source systems. According to the Portuguese manufacturer, the main goal is to improve the audience coverage by the unrivaled dispersion control and smooth even sound radiation pattern.

Measuring 498.5mm (19.6in) wide and weighting only 15kg, the product’s elegant lines and flush-fitted rigging allow it to fit into any architecture, making it a natural element for installations in concert halls, theatres, and special venues demanding minimum visual obstruction. The LA26 can also be used as touring sound reinforcement for small and medium-size venues, sports arenas, stadiums, and corporate AV events. It can be flown in arrays for use as a main system or configured as single cabinets or short stacks for use as front-fills and under-balcony-fills. Using an adaptive flying frame, the use of this system as a complement to larger LA systems becomes possible.

Our new LA26 is the smallest and lightest in the LA series keeping the elegance of LA family.” explains Antonio Correia, R&D Manager at NEXT-proaudio: “The new line array model is uniquely flexible, upgradeable, and financially accessible.”

For low frequency extension the LAs15A active subwoofer or the LAs15 passive subwoofer can be used. Both models house a powerful 15-inch, long excursion 100mm (4in) voice coil speaker, operating from 38Hz to 200Hz and can be paired with LA26 cabinets via the integrated pole mount, ground-stacked, or flown.

The LAs15A (active) is powered by the DPA4000 power unit, capable of delivering 4000Wrms with a magnificent precision and punch at incredible SPL, combining optimized acoustic, electro-acoustic and electronic solutions to maximise efficiency. Each LAs15A has a separate power output to power up to 3 LA26. Using the appropriate preset a cardioid system can be easily implemented. Besides this solution, the LA26 together with the LAs15 passive subwoofer, can be powered by the N-RAK, NEXT-proaudio’s new unified rack solution.

The cabinets can be finished in a variety of colors to suit fixed installations.

The new LA26 will be on display during ISE 2019 at the RAI Amsterdam on NEXT-proaudio booth number 7-X205 from 5 to 8m February, 2019.


31st January 2019

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