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Robe Gets the Cream at Spilt Milk Festival

Robe Gets the Cream at Spilt Milk Festival
Robe Gets the Cream at Spilt Milk Festival

Australia – Music, food, art, friends and Robe moving lights set the tone for the 2018 Spilt Milk Festival staged in Commonwealth Park in Canberra, the third year for this ever-growing event on the Australian festival calendar, established in 2016 by Kicks Entertainment.

Canberra rental and production specialist Elite Event Technology was commissioned to provide audio, lighting and video production for the one-day extravaganza, while MPH Australia supplied lighting for the Angrove Stage, with support from EET.

Three main stages: Angrove, Basquiat and Derbyshire, all featured Robe moving lights on their rigs, both as flown house systems and as artist floor packages, with Spiiders, BMFLs, Pointes and MegaPointes joining an eclectic line-up of local and international music talents who strutted their stuff and entertained the crowds with some superlative sounds.

Additionally, food areas, chill out zones and promotional stages ensured there was something for everyone, well into the night.

“MegaPointes are pretty ‘mega’ as the name suggests,” enthused Darren Russell, MD of Elite Event Technology!

Elite was one of the first production companies worldwide to invest in the original Pointes and have loved and appreciated their multi-functionality ever since, over other simpler and less dynamic beam lights. “MegaPointe takes the concept to a whole new level,” Darren commented.

The production lighting rigs for the three main stages were designed by Michael Parsons from MPH and consisted of mixes of all these different sized units. They were augmented by some bands who brought in their own special packages.

The Angrove stage featured 55 Robes in total: 14 BMFL Blades, 18 Pointes and 15 Spiiders together with eight MegaPointes and eight LEDWash 600s which were part of different floor packages.

The Basquiat Stage rocked with 66 Robes, a combination of BMFL Spots, MegaPointes, LEDWash 600s and Pointes, while the more intimate Derbyshire Stage looked cool with LEDWash 300s, DLX Spots and LEDBeam 100s.

Crowd favourites, The Wombats and Peking Duk, kept everyone rocking well out into the night on the Angrove Stage, and music producers like RL Grime and Hayden James kept the boogie buzzing on the Basquiat Stage.

“All the Robe range fixtures complement each other really well,” continued Darren. “The MegaPointes hold their own against the punchy BMFLs and are closer to a BMFL than the original Pointe, but a combination of flown BMFLs and MegaPointes looks amazing! With Pointes as part of a floor package, you have an amazing range of features, power and infinite effects at your fingertips for a complete stage look.”

Darren thinks the newest Robe products are “awesome”, lights like the Spiider LED wash beams provide heaps of scope for designers. He also thinks that it’s a testament to the brand and the longevity of the ranges that the older Pointe and LEDWash units are still working hard, reliably and producing huge effects.

Elite was the first company in Australia to purchase BMFLs in 2015, Darren explains that these are still desired and specified day-to-day by designers “for their massive output and wide range of effects.”

Perfect festival weather greeted the 35,000+ Spilt Milk 2018 audience, undeterred by late changes in the line-up, with tickets again selling out in minutes.

JPJ Audio provided audio for the Angrove Stage utilising an L-Acoustics system.

photos: Jordan Munns & Jess Gleeson

14th January 2019

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