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Showcontroller – New Laser Show and Multimedia Software released

Showcontroller – New Laser Show and Multimedia Software released

Laserworld released Showcontroller – a new laser show control software that was specially designed for professional use. The software is designed as a suite with several parts to the program that cater for different kinds of laser show applications. Showcontroller was designed as intuitive, easy-to-use ILDA software for beginners up to high professional users.

The Showcontroller software suite consists of five program parts: Showcontroller LIVE for easy live laser show operation, Showcontroller RealTime for programming timeline or media based laser shows, Showcontroller PicEdit for creating laser-optimised artwork, Showcontroller Tracer for converting pixel-based pictures to laser graphics (logos, drawings, etc.) and Showcontroller SVG-Tool for converting vector based graphics to laser-compatible files.

Showcontroller was designed to extend the range of Laserworld’s laser control software products further. It is available in two versions, Showcontroller and Showcontroller PLUS. Showcontroller PLUS also supports the 3D visualisation Software REALIZZER 3D and allows for the visualisation of even very complex laser and multimedia shows.

The licensing concept of Showcontroller was designed to keep costs low. The licence comes on a licence dongle, so only one licence is required to use several ShowNET LAN output interfaces (DACs).

With using the Laserworld ShowNET LAN interfaces it is possible to use the same interfaces with Laserworld Showeditor (free laser show software that comes with every ShowNET interface) or with Showcontroller. Both software products use the same type of signal transmission, so the ShowNET interfaces can be used in a very versatile way.

Showcontroller – New Laser Show and Multimedia Software releasedShowcontroller – New Laser Show and Multimedia Software released

17th January 2019

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