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TAIT Global Rebrand Announcement

Five years ago, Stage Technologies and Delstar Engineering were acquired by TAIT Towers. During that time, Stage Technologies and Delstar Engineering began doing business as TAIT Stage Technologies while TAIT Towers remained as TAIT Towers. Operating as one global organisation with two brand identities proved to be confusing in the marketplace.

To remove this confusion, it was determined that a unified brand, using one brand name, was the best way to effectively represent and communicate our core values, mission, ethos and market reach.

As of 21st July, 2018, the TAIT Towers, Stage Technologies, and Delstar Engineering family of companies will universally be known as TAIT.

While the name is now shorter, the company's commitment to customers is even greater. As one unified brand, the company represents a seamless organisation with unmatched services, products, and geographic reach committed to delivering excellence in engineering, creativity, innovation and quality.

As part of the communications strategy, and in compliance with GDPR, TAIT will keep customers fully apprised of any developments, necessary changes and updates via our blog, newsletters and email communications.

Please note, any direct point of contact has not changed and customers should continue to directly engage their representative in regular business discussions and operations. Additionally, pre-existing invoicing or legal contracts will not be impacted; however, please click here for the new entity names that must be updated in databases. As TAIT progress through the rebrand they will update customers with any actions that need to be addressed.  

30th January 2019

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