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TiMax sets new standards in immersive audio at ISE2019

TiMax sets new standards in immersive audio at ISE2019

The Netherlands – UK immersive audio and show control specialist OutBoard will demo the TiMax 500-series software, setting new standards for immersive spatial audio rendering and show programming workflows in live, presentation and experience applications, also featuring selectable skins optimised for outdoors and show conditions.

Based on detailed input from leading sound design associates, the new TiMax StageSpace allows auto-calculation of dynamic delay-matrix spatialisation objects directly from a map of the venue, speakers and audience/guest spaces.

TiMax spatial objects can be quickly auto-rendered and adapted for different shapes and sizes of presentation and experiential spaces, or stage, audience and audio system configurations. Objects can be fine-tuned by the user, because, as OutBoard asserts: “Experienced sound designers will tell you it’s the last few milliseconds or dB of adjustment that make the imaging work.”

TiMax OutBoard will also demo their powerful new bespoke FPGA dsp core, destined to break the mould for immersive spatial reinforcement techniques and unparalleled acoustic enhancement.

TiMax systems have become the preferred choice worldwide of premier sound designers of immersively spatialised music, drama, opera and orchestral sound, and for immersive soundscapes and showcontrol in museums, galleries, expos, planetariums, theme parks, rides and experiential events.

8th January 2019

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