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AES Convention New York

AES Convention New York

USA – AES New York is soon to open its doors, with the convention not only presenting the latest in recording technology but also a host of practical workshops. One of the highlights is a hands-on Ambisonics production workshop where Sennheiser will collaborate with experts including Grammy Award winner and former AES President Andres Mayo to bring to life every stage of the Ambisonics production process.

The “Immersive & Spatial Audio Track Event IS08” on Saturday, October 19 (9am to 12 noon in 1E13) is presented by Sennheiser’s Brian Glasscock alongside Andres Mayo, Ianina Canalis of the National University of Lanús and Martin Muscatello of 360 Music Lab. This hands-on workshop will give 45 participants the opportunity to learn every step in Ambisonics production, from recording with the AMBEO VR Mic, to mixing in Virtual Reality with Dear Reality tools, to playback options for the spatial content. Participants can discover and experiment with both hardware and software. In addition to the technical aspects of production, the workshop will also explore the artistic questions that mixing engineers face in 3D, and answer participants’ questions. This ticketed event can be booked together with the convention’s All Access Badge. For more information please see

The Sennheiser and Neumann booth (#724) will showcase Sennheiser wireless, AMBEO recording gear, VR/AR mixing software from Dear Reality as well as Neumann mics, the full line of KH series monitors plus the NDH 20 studio monitoring headphones. While Dear Reality will demo its award-winning dearVR SPATIAL CONNECT software and the upcoming multi-channel feature of dearVR PRO at the booth, Sennheiser’s Dave Missall and a series of guest presenters will put the Neumann monitor line through its paces in a dedicated demo room (#1E04).

The demo room is fitted with a 7.1.4 loudspeaker set-up with KH 310, KH 420 and KH 870 models plus a stereo configuration with KH 310, KH 120 and KH 80 DSP monitor loudspeakers.

High-profile mixing, recording and mastering engineers will be playing their immersive audio content each day and present their approach to engineering for Immersive. Two sessions are dedicated to presenting the Neumann speaker line.

The demo room schedule in detail:

Wednesday, 16 October
11 am – 12 noon: Neumann monitor speaker presentation
1pm – 2pm: Morten Lindberg
3pm – 4pm: Andres Mayo
5pm – 6pm: Jim Anderson

Thursday, 17 October
10am – 11am: Jim Anderson
12 noon – 1pm: Elliot Scheiner/Gavin Lurssen
2pm – 3pm: Michael Bishop
4pm – 5pm: Michael Romanowski

Friday,18 October
9am – 10am: Neumann monitor speaker presentation
11am – 12 noon: Lasse Nipkow
1pm – 2pm: Eric Schilling
3pm – 4pm: Darcy Proper/Ronald Prent

Visit Sennheiser and Neumann at AES, booth No. 724 and demo room No. 1E04.

AES Convention New YorkAES Convention New York

14th October 2019

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