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Chauvet Professional Introduces F5 IP and F2 LED Video Panels

Chauvet Professional Introduces F5 IP and F2 LED Video Panels

CHAUVET Professional has expanded its popular F Series LED panels to offer solutions for a wider range of applications with the introduction of two new products: the F2 2.9mm pixel pitch panel and F5 IP, an outdoor rated 5.9mm pixel pitch outdoor rated panel.

The highest resolution panel ever offered by Chauvet Professional, the slim-bodied F2 is ideal for applications where crystal sharp clarity is essential from any viewing angle, even at distances as close as 7.5 feet (2.3 metres. Its ultra-fast, high-quality black bodied LEDs, reproduce video at 14-bit greyscale, operating on an A5s Novastar card, to result in very clear and realistic displays of even the most detailed content. (An 18-bit Novastar card can also be used.)

High performance digital LED drivers in the F2 deliver an impressive 3840Hz refresh rate for flicker free images, while a maximum illuminance of just under 1,500 NITS ensures a bright output. The panel also features a contrast ratio of 8,500:1 and pixel density of 112,896/m2.

The new F5 panel is IP65 rated for reliable outdoor use. Working with the VIP Drive 43 Nova using the Novastar control protocol, its high quality black-bodied LEDs accurately reproduce video at 14-bit greyscale, operating on the Novastar A5 receiving card. With a 1920 Hz refresh rate, maximum 6,000 NITS illuminance, and 12,000:1 contrast, it’s ideal for displaying bright, powerful images at outdoor festivals.

Engineered for dependability, both panels have a light source life expectancy of 50,000 hours. Both also feature optimised heat distribution across the entire panel for enhanced colour quality.

The two new products, which will be showcased at Chauvet Professional’s LDI booth (945), share much in common with other LED video panels in the Chauvet Professional F Series. This includes a specialised frame design that allows them to be hung overhead, ground stacked, or wall mounted quickly and easily. Both panels can also be serviced in the field from the front with the included service tool, or from the rear using the built-in handles.

Anyone familiar with other F Series panels will have no trouble installing these newcomers. That’s a good thing too, considering that these panels should now be appearing in a wider variety of applications than ever.

29th October 2019

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