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Copper Leaf Media releases first ever research into AV and pro audio industry awards

Copper Leaf Media releases first ever research into AV and pro audio industry awards

AV marketing expert, Copper Leaf Media, has released the industry’s first ever research into the somewhat hazy world of industry awards in an attempt to provide some clarity on how awards are judged and what companies really gain from entering. The wide-ranging, 40-page document covers Europe and North America, reporting on over 20 awards. The research was conducted via comprehensive telephone interviews with the majority of the awards organisers as well as extensive online research.

The document aims to answer three principal questions:

  1. Is the time, effort and cost worth it against the potential exposure you might receive?

  2. Is the judging process credible, making it an award that actually means something?

  3. Could there be bias or subterfuge?

In order to answer those questions, Copper Leaf performed three key tasks:

  1. Research into how each award is managed and judged

  2. Analysis of how transparent the process is and whether there is opportunity for bias

  3. Review of what shortlisted and winning companies receive in terms of exposure

The report also includes a history of all product and technology winners over the last five years for an at-a-glance view of who won what award and when in addition to a number of helpful charts and tables to summarise the findings on each award.

Copper Leaf director, Roland Hemming explains the motivation behind producing such a report: “Clients frequently come to us asking advice on which awards to enter; whilst we had our opinions, of course, and plenty of experience, our advice was only anecdotal at best, so we decided it was about time that we had some real data to draw upon. As nothing of that nature actually existed, we decided to do the research ourselves, which turned out to be a fascinating process.”

“So often we hear mutterings of unfairness or bias about who won what,” adds director, Kiera Leeming. “This is the first attempt to uncover the truth about how all of these awards really operate and what companies can really get out of them.”

The document is available for download on the Copper Leaf Media website at

16th October 2019

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