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Introducing Image Spot Mini

Introducing Image Spot Mini

Rosco has announced the release of the Image Spot Mini LED projector. This ultra-compact and lightweight version of our popular Image Spot fixture features many of the same qualities, including powerful output and crisp imaging.

“The Image Spot Mini was a natural progression for the product range,” reported Sky Bembury, Rosco’s product manager for architecture and entertainment lighting. “Twenty-first century lighting designers, in both live entertainment and architecture, are more determined than ever to preserve the mystery of their lighting, focusing more on the effect than the luminaire producing it. We decided to create one of the smallest, most unobtrusive, image projectors in the market to properly address this desire. Not only does it keep to the high quality and superior lumen output of our standard Image Spot, our main goal was for it to virtually disappear in a space. I firmly believe we were successful in this endeavour.”

Unlike other small gobo projectors, Rosco Image Spot Mini does not compromise on output and image quality. Measuring a mere 4.7in x 3.4in x 1.9in (119mm x 84.2mm x 48mm), it can generate up to 1,050 lumens of light output to provide vivid and clear image projections.

The fixture accepts virtually any Rosco gobo that has been sized to fit the Image Spot Mini, including standard designs from the Rosco gobo catalogue or custom gobos for bespoke installations. The fixture also features highly efficient optics to provide sharp gobo projections up to 26 feet (8m) away. Whether you need to project textured patterns, images or text, the fixture’s uniform beam of light ensures crisp, bright images from edge to edge. There are three Image Spot Mini Lens Optics available: 11º, 17º and 25º, for precise control of the fixture’s beam.

Discreet and easily concealed, Image Spot Mini can enhance any venue with vibrant imagery, including retail environments, museums, theme parks, and hospitality venues such as restaurants and hotels. The Image Spot Mini fixture is available in two models: 3000K warm white and 5500K cool white, making it ideal for a wide range of applications. Weighing only 2.2lbs. (1kg), the Image Spot Mini can be installed virtually anywhere and a track mountable version of the fixture can be specified for quick and easy installation. Rosco also offers the Image Spot Mini UV for black light gobo projection, which is useful for themed attractions and dark ride installations.

The Image Spot Mini is housed in a robust, IP65-rated enclosure, enabling it to perform perfectly indoors and outdoors. The fixture features on-board controls, as well as DMX and 0-10 VDC dimming control options to provide flicker-free dimming from 0% – 100%.

“In architecture, the fixtures should be minimal so as not to interfere with the design,” remarked Amé Strong, vice president – Rosco Architectural. “The Image Spot Mini is extraordinarily bright for its size, satisfying the architectural lighting designers’ demand for small fixtures with big impact.” When asked how she envisioned customers using the fixture, Amé responded with these ideas:

  • Wayfinding – projecting directional arrows letting customers know where to go

  • Projected branding

  • Integrating a themed element into a design

  • Re-creating natural surroundings – leaf breakups as an example

  • Creating shadowed texture to easily add interest to a plain wall or surface

  • Using the Iris Accessory or the framing shutters, it could be used as a compact spotlight

11th October 2019

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