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Laserworld-Academy offers Laser Safety Officer Seminars

Laserworld-Academy offers Laser Safety Officer Seminars

Germany - Laser safety regulations are different in every country. Regulations in Germany require a Laser Safety Officer (“Laserschutzbeauftragter”) to take responsibility of any laser system class 3R, 3B or 4 that is used.

The Laserworld Academy has been offering their certified Laser Safety Officer Seminars in German language for many years. “The more diverse the society gets, and the more companies work all across Europe and worldwide, the more demand came up for those specific Laser Safety Officer Seminars in English language for the German market,” explains Norbert Stangl, CMO of the Laserworld Group and Head of the Laserworld Academy. “We can definitely see the demand for this kind of certification and therefore scheduled the first dates for 2020.”

The contents of the LSO Seminars meet the requirements of the German legal framework for laser use (OStrV and TROS) and base on the international regulatory IEC 60825-1. After having successfully passed the final test, participants can be applied as “Laserschutzbeauftragter” for work with laser systems in Germany. The seminars are suitable for lasers used for industrial purposes, lasers used in trade and laser show/display.

The Laser Safety Officer trainings take a whole day. The schedule is according to the specifications in TROS.

9th October 2019

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