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Live for Broadcast Shortlist Announced for 2019 KOI-USA

Live for Broadcast Shortlist Announced for 2019 KOI-USA

USA – The organising committee of the 2019 Knight of Illumination Awards USA (KOI-USA) has announced the third and final shortlist for this year's prestigious Awards. KOI-USA honours the talents and achievements of lighting and video designers for their work across the United States in the sectors of Theatre, Concert Touring & Events, and Live for Broadcast. The judging panel in the Live for Broadcast category have reviewed this year's submissions and selected the final shortlist of nominees, which is as follows:

The Vari-Lite Award for Awards Show

  • Jon Kusner for Billboard Music Awards 2019

  • Jon Kusner for CMA Awards 2018

  • Tom Sutherland for People's Choice Awards 2018

The Green Hippo Award for Digital Content

  • Trevor Burk for CMA Awards 2018

  • Yussef Cole, Michelle Higa Fox, Jorge Peschiera and Marc Janowitz for Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj (Netflix)

  • Drew Findley for Breakthrough Prize Awards 2018

The ARRI Award for Unscripted Series

  • Oscar Dominguez for The Voice – Season 16

  • Dan Rousseau for Cuomo Prime Time (CNN)

  • Kieran Healy for American Idol – Season 2 (ABC)

The Ayrton Award for Live Performance Special (Music)

  • Mike Grabowski for MTV Push: Billie Eilish episode

  • Joshua Hutchings for Amazon Prime Day Concert

  • Christien Methot for Kelly Clarkson Performs at US Opening Night 2018

The Astera Award for Live Performance Special (Non-Music)

  • Steve Brill and Monica Rose for Funeral of Former President H.W Bush (ABC)

  • Travis Hagenbuch for Trevor Noah: Son of Patricia

  • Tom Sutherland for Bethesda E3 Showcase 2019

The shortlist was chosen by the Live for Broadcast judges, a panel of industry professionals, each with expert knowledge in their field. Lighting designer Jeff Ravitz led the panel as the Live for Broadcast Chair joined by lighting director and production designer Tara Denise, Hall of Fame inducted lighting designer Bill Klages, lighting director and programmer Tiffany Spicer Keys, television director Lauren Quinn and cinematographer and associate professor at Cal State Long Beach David Waldman.

Jeff Ravitz said of lighting and video design in television: "It takes its place somewhere between scenery, the performers themselves, and as its own independent being. It can enhance, detract or distract. It can complement or thwart. Our judging panel watched these powerful elements closely to determine the best of the best."

The winners of all three categories will be announced at the 2019 KOI-USA Awards ceremony and gala dinner held at The Joint in the Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas on Friday, 22 November.

In picture: Tom Sutherland's design for the Bethesda E3 Showcase 2019, shortlisted for the Astera Award for Live Performance Special (Non-Music). photo: Raj Kapoor's design for the Bethesda E3 Showcase

28th October 2019

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