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Nomadic Numpties return from Mongol Rally with over £6,000 for Backup

Nomadic Numpties return from Mongol Rally with over £6,000 for Backup

UK – After ten weeks on the road, having covered over 18,000 miles in their trusty car Poppy, which some might think was a wholly unsuitable vehicle, on 27th September the Nomadic Numpties, Abby ‘Henri’ Cooper, ‘Turbo’ Anthony Hall, made a triumphant return from their adventures on the Mongol Rally and have, so far, raised an amazing £6,435 in aid of industry charity, Backup.

“I’m still not entirely sure why we decided to do it,” says Henri. “I guess I’m just the sort of person that once someone mentions something, I can’t let myself not do it! So, when Turbo suggested it, he was on standby at a show and bored when he came up with the idea, I immediately said yes. I’m so glad I did. It was an amazing experience and we’re so lucky to work with such generous colleagues that support these crazy ideas!”

Making the epic journey in support of Backup was, the pair admits, a no-brainer. “We wanted to choose a charity that meant a lot to both us, our friends and colleagues,” says Turbo.

The trio travelled through 25 countries, some more than once, on their way from London to Mongolia, finishing in the East Siberian city of Ulan Ude.

“My favourite was Mongolia,” says Henri. “Only one percent of the land is habited or used for agriculture, the rest is a wild, stunning playground for horses, birds, camels, yaks and Poppy car!”

“It was Iran for me,” adds Turbo. “I have never visited a country where the locals are so friendly - a different level friendly. One example of many was being flagged down on a three-lane motorway to be given some home made figs. Persepolis, the ceremonial capital of the ancient Achaemenid Empire was another. Wow, what a privilege to see something I had only ever dreamed of seeing!”

Although this was a journey with no lows, there were some challenging moments. For Turbo, it was not having any cheese and tomato sandwiches, for Henri it was the Anzob Tunnel in Tajikistan which, according the Wikipedia is the world’s most dangerous tunnel.

“It was the 5km tunnel of doom,” she recalls. “No lighting, oncoming traffic with high beams on, dust and pollution clouding the air, ditches on either side of the already thin road. I thought it would never end. It felt like I held my breath for the entire 5km.

“And there were so very many highs. The other Mongol Ralliers and the big community vibe, the locals that were so generous with what little they had, the views and vistas, the hour-to-hour living and freedom of life on the road. The Rally reminded me that, as humans, we naturally adapt to situations very quickly and change our perspectives. If you are thinking of taking on a challenge, do it. You’ll be amazed what you can endure!”

“My high was eight weeks with no cheese and tomato sandwiches,” laughs Turbo.

Although ready to come home, the weather having taken a turn for the worse and camping becoming cold and damp, Henri and Turbo admit that the novelty of home and the ready availability of cheese and tomato sandwiches may well wear off and they’ll soon be desperate to hit the road again.

“Actually, we’re already planning our next fundraising adventure,” Henri says. “We’re talking about our dream convoy for 2021, but our next project is going to be in a camper van! Poppy will be taking a well-earned break.”

“What an amazing adventure for Turbo and Henri and we’re immensely grateful that they chose to support Backup,” concludes Backup chairman, John Simpson. “The amount they raised is fantastic and will make a huge difference to those of our industry family who are in need. Thank you Nomadic Numpties!”

In picture: Turbo on Henri (far right) with convoy mates ‘Three Filthy Animals’ Dasha, Tom and Alexei.

16th October 2019

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