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Optoma’s new compact and powerful warp and blend solution – powered by VIOSO

Optoma’s new compact and powerful warp and blend solution – powered by VIOSO

Complicated and labour intensive warping and blending will now be a thing of the past thanks to the new compact and intuitive Nano warp and blend solution, just launched by Optoma.

Powered by VIOSO, the market leader in multi-projector alignment solutions, the Nano provides simple and fast warping, edge blending and content playback. Designed to support Optoma’s Pro AV projector range, it provides installers with greater control, flexibility and ease of use for ambitious AV projects.

Support is included for both flat and curved screen, domes and irregular surfaces. The Nano is also equipped with four channels, so a single processor can serve four projectors.

With a smaller footprint than an A4 sheet of paper, but containing a highly powerful feature set including Intel i5 processor and NVIDIA QUADRO graphics, the Optoma Nano is ideal for multi-projector installation where powerful edge-blending, warping and content playback is required from one compact package.

James Fursse, technical product manager at Optoma commented: “Optoma has worked with VIOSO on various projects including projecting onto the iconic 32 metre high, 45 metre wide spherical dome at the Colosseum cinema in Oslo and the impressive five metre wide blended display at ISE 2019 which used two ZK1050 4K UHD laser projectors and one Optoma Nano processor.

“The Nano provides real flexibility for complex and impressive installations. It is simpler to set up than alternative solutions and the overall cost of installation is lower. This is through time saving in installation and the fact the Nano is quad channel and features integrated content playback, therefore reducing the amount of equipment needed overall.”

The Nano features advanced projector masking and colour correction for the perfect image, which makes matching multiple projectors quicker and easier than ever before. The processor can also be used for stacking, when a project needs higher brightness or redundancy. Stacking overlays images from multiple projectors to produce a higher brightness.

The Nano supports the use of a simple USB camera for auto-alignment and calibration of projectors using patented VIOSO technology. This reduces the set-up time from hours to just a few minutes. For more advanced set-ups, fisheye and widescreen networked cameras are also supported.

Content on the Nano can be controlled using TCP or UDP commands or via an HTTP web interface to perfectly integrate within any project enabling complete control at all times.

Key Features

  • All in one – Content playback, warping and edge blending from one box

  • Compact and powerful – Smaller footprint than an A4 sheet of paper

  • Multi-channel – Four video outputs for connection of display devices

  • Simple to use – Supports USB camera for auto-blending projectors

  • VIOSO patented auto alignment technology to set up even the most complex projection scenarios in minutes

  • Network control – TCP or UDP commands or via an HTTP web interface

9th October 2019

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