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Rock Warehouse install HK Audio Elements in Newcastle Civic Centre Council Chamber

UK – When looking to up-grade the sound system in its Council Chamber, Newcastle Civic Centre turned to long established supplier Gary Nicholson of Newcastle-based Rock Warehouse to propose a solution.

Having previously installed an HK Audio system in the Civic Centre’s largest space (the baronial style Banqueting Hall, capable of seating up to 600 guests), HK Audio was again Gary’s first choice.

With responsibility for looking after the full gamut of A/V requirements throughout the Civic Centre, Paul Frankcom explained the brief: "With the principal use of the Council Chamber being to host meetings for up to 200+ delegates using a variety of microphones positioned around the room, first rate speech intelligibility was the priority, with the objective being to commission a system capable of delivering a uniform audio experience for all delegates, with even coverage from the front to the back of the room. The requirement to equip the room to become more multi-functional was also a consideration, necessitating a system also capable of delivering full frequency range response for music playback at sound pressure levels sufficient to allow the room to host events as well as meetings, while remaining aesthetically unobtrusive."

"Having installed HK Audio’s Elements line array systems in a variety of venues, we were confident it would be the perfect solution," continued Gary. "To prove the point, we approached Neville Raine of HK Audio’s UK distributor JHS, to demo various Elements system configurations in the room. Once in situ, the suitability of Elements and the leap in quality and clarity was immediately evident, with much higher gain without feedback achievable from previously troublesome microphone positions thanks to the tightly controlled dispersion and linear response of the E 435 mid/high enclosures. It was initially expected that additional fill speakers would be needed to cover the balcony. However, it was demonstrated that by lengthening the line of E 435’s from four to six enclosures, the resulting increase in vertical coverage and throw then delivered crystal clear coverage right up to the balcony, all from two very discreet lines of HK Audio Elements at the front of the room."

After testing various configurations, an active system was deemed to be the most appropriate option, offering the benefits of pre-optimised on-board DSP in addition to ease of installation and the associated cost advantages.

The selected system comprises two HK Audio Elements E 210 SUB AS active subs, with each sub powering and providing the necessary processing for a line of six E 435 mid/high enclosures (with each line comprising an E 435 IK install kit, expanded using an additional four E 435s).

Gary concluded: "Once again, Elements has delivered great results in another demanding environment’ with the venue’s Paul Frankcom adding: ‘We’re very satisfied that Elements has delivered a significant up-grade in audio performance for a surprisingly modest outlay."

25th October 2019

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