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Tempus Fugit for Rope Assemblies

Tempus Fugit for Rope Assemblies

UK – Rope Assemblies is celebrating two years of change and growth, since managing director, Linda Martin signed on the dotted line. The Retford based company, which became part of the Unusual group in 2017 has seen significant change, with the implementation of new company policies, best practice procedures and increased sales.

Linda said: "In the blink of an eye, two years have passed, which seems like no time at all. Then we took a step back and realised how much the company has changed in that time, thanks to all the hard work that every member of the team has put in, and we felt it was worth marking the anniversary."

The biggest cause for celebration is the record sales figures that Rope Assemblies is achieving on a month on month basis. "If we look at January 2017, for example and compare that with January 2018 and January 2019, we are seeing a marked increase in sales. Every month is the same which shows us that we are doing something right. But we can't rest on our laurels. The job isn't done, it's just beginning," commented Linda.

Since taking on the role of MD, Linda has been keen to invest time and energy into improving and updating the internal systems, fundamental to the successful running and growth of the business. "It's very much been a two year spring clean if you like," she said. "We've gone through all our Health and Safety practices, ensured all staff policies are fully up to date, which has in turn resulted in a more motivated workforce and we've worked closely with LEEA to ensure all our certification is all done to standard. We've also updated our welding techniques and revised the way we carry stock, instead preferring to place monthly orders to maintain our stock levels and ensure stock rotation, thereby ensuring we always have sufficient stock to satisfy our customers' needs. We're noticing the changes internally and by default this will filter down to the customers too."

Linda concluded: "When I took over as managing director at the end of August 2017, we had a very defined two year plan. Everything that was detailed in that plan has happened, so now we're hard at work, making sure we meet the goals of our next plan. At the heart of all of this is making sure that we have a happy, motivated team, a concise and user friendly admin system and ultimately, satisfied customers who return to us time and again for their wire rope needs."

4th October 2019

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