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Chauvet Professional Introduces Maverick Storm 1 Spot

Chauvet Professional Introduces Maverick Storm 1 Spot

The weather may not always be ideal at a festival or other outdoor event, but designers and rental companies will always be able to rely on optimal performance from the new Maverick Storm 1 Spot. Just introduced by Chauvet Professional, the 480W cool white moving spot fixture, which will be showcased at the company’s LDI booth (937), takes outdoor reliability to a new level, not just with its IP65 rating, but also with aluminium alloy housing, marine grade 316 stainless steel screws, M12 Gore valves and a sun shield optical protection system.

Rain or shine, the Maverick Storm 1 Spot delivers a flat even field of light with variable CMY + CTO colour mixing to create a wide palette of colours. Designers will enjoy a range of creative options with this fixture, thanks to features like its 8° to 48° zoom angle and field angle, 16-bit dimming for smooth control of fades, five-facet motorised and rotating prism, animation wheel, iris for beam control, and independently controlled light and medium frosts.

In keeping with its flexible design, the versatile Maverick Storm 1 Spot offers a wide array of gobo options. The fixture has seven glass rotating and indexable gobos on Wheel 1 and nine metal static gobos on Wheel 2.

Compact enough to allow easy installation on any rig (it weighs in at just 38.19kg or 84.2lbs.), the Maverick Storm 1 Spot is nevertheless powerful enough to punch through the light from other fixtures or video panels on stage. The fixture’s 32,000 lumen source and illuminance of up to 28,829 lux (at five metres) ensure that it can makes its presence known on stage even during daylight hours.

A very user-friendly fixture, Maverick Storm 1 Spot offers a variety of control options, including DMX, RDM, WDMX. ArtNet and sACN. Its easily accessible menu system makes it simple to adjust control protocol, as well as features like fan control, pan and tilt, and dimming mode. By setting up a menu preset, the end-user can save time by loading choices on all of the Maverick Storm 1 Spot fixtures in a rig simultaneously, instead of manually presetting each unit individually.

The Maverick Storm is as easy to maintain as it is to set up, thanks to its rugged construction and a design that prevents dust intake into the fan.

“We have developed the Maverick Storm 1 Spot with real world applications in mind,” said Albert Chauvet, CEO of Chauvet. “In designing this fixture, we didn’t look only at how it could excel when in use under a variety of conditions, but also how easy it would be to maintain, so it could contribute to the success of our customers in the long run.”

15th November 2019

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