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Chroma-Q Inspires Slovenia’s Conservatory of Music and Ballet Ljubljana

Chroma-Q Inspires Slovenia’s Conservatory of Music and Ballet Ljubljana
Chroma-Q Inspires Slovenia’s Conservatory of Music and Ballet Ljubljana

Slovenia – Over thirty Chroma-Q Inspire XT LED house lights have been installed in the Conservatory of Music and Ballet Ljubljana (KGBL), Slovenia to provide high quality lighting with minimal noise.

Regarded as being instrumental to the development of the Slovenian music and ballet profession, KGBL’s basic music education, secondary music and ballet education, and higher ballet education programs have earned it numerous awards and recognition on the international stage.

As part of an upgrade to KGBL’s main performance auditorium, the project brief was to source a multi-purpose fixture that could be used as a high-quality working light for musicians, a show light for performers, and a house light for the overall room.

In addition, the requirement was for a very powerful solution which could illuminate the large 16m x 16m space using as few fixtures as possible. However, owing to the room doubling as a recording studio, the chosen product needed to be fanless and virtually silent in operation to meet strict acoustic requirements.

Professional equipment provider, KSL Sound and Light Studio specified the award-winning Chroma-Q Inspire XT due to its high-quality white light and colour-mixing abilities. Despite delivering up to 9,500 Lumens, the fixture is convection cooled and has additional protection as standard against electrical and audible noise.

KSL’s CEO, Bostjan Konic commented: “For the prestigious KGBL, we needed a light of really premium quality to meet the high technical specification. With its homogenised RGBW optics, the Inspire XT produces an exceptional quality of light which is clean and pure, with no shadows. Being fanless it’s also extremely quiet, yet very powerful too.”

The Conservatory of Music and Ballet Ljubljana’s managing director, Polona Cesarek commented: “We didn’t expect the amazing lighting the fixtures produce, including the very high quality of white light on-stage. It makes the musicians’ sheet music very easy to read, with no reflections that can cause eye strain. They have truly exceeded our expectations.”

KSL, the exclusive Slovenian distributor for Chroma-Q, sourced the Inspire XT fixtures from master distributor, A.C. Entertainment Technologies Ltd.

Bostjan commented: “Sharlene and the team at AC-ET are the best people to work with. Their product knowledge and customer service are first class, which was really important for a high-end lighting installation such as this project.”

21st November 2019

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