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ICF Munich Celebrates Services with Allen & Heath dLive

ICF Munich Celebrates Services with Allen & Heath dLive

Germany – International Christian Fellowship Munich (ICF), has recently upgraded its audio system with an Allen & Heath dLive solution for its weekly services and events.

ICF Munich is a non-denominational free church, which in addition to its regular Sunday services, also hosts other live events with up to 800 participants.

Due to size of the services and events, a large number of microphones and extensive I/O is needed for the speakers and live performers. As such, one of the main requirements for ICF was an audio system that could meet the demands of a professional concert.

To serve its growing needs, ICF’s new audio system comprises a dLive S5000 paired with a DM48 MixRack and two DX168 expanders for additional I/O. A Dante card is utilised for multi-track recording, connection to wireless microphone receivers and the PA.

Head of audio technology, Marc Deisen, has been working at the ICF for five years and oversees the dLive system. "When we decided on a dLive a year ago, it was very important to us to have a straightforward, well-structured system," explains Deisen. "Many of our technicians are volunteers and have very little trouble working with dLive, especially as we already had an iLive console in use. Above all, we quickly learned to appreciate the I/O patching matrix, which is very clear and easy to use for everyone."

Aside from dLive’s easy and intuitive workflow, a large part of Deisen’s decision to use dLive came down to its processing features. "Now we have enough processing power for more than 50 channels plus effects, all in a modern and reliable system. The Dyn8’s multi-band compressor is unbeatable for all forms of signal processing and the DEEP plug-ins from the valve preamp emulation through the 16T to the Opto compressor, surprise us again and again with their warm sound. "

"A special feature of the ICF building is the stage concept with a 360-degree central platform," continues Deisen. "Our goal, of course, is to keep the cable routes short and to have as few cables as possible leading through the audience to the desk, so the ability to expand with the DX stage boxes is vital, as well as convenient."

8th November 2019

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