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Powersoft T Series

Powersoft T Series

The T Series has been nominated for NAMM TEC Award for Outstanding Technical Achievement in the “Amplification Hardware/Studio & Sound Reinforcement” category.

Reliability, power, and sound quality are far from being the only reasons the T Series has been quickly finding its place inside the racks of many rental companies, in fact, the T Series brings ultimate flexibility and convenience, allowing the engineer to create, store, and load different presets on the fly, through the front panel controls and display screen. Built to endure the most demanding touring conditions, it is also capable of sharing the power between its channels, reaching output powers ranging from 750 and 3000W per channel.

Other than analogue inputs, the T Series implements Dante and AES3 as standard, optimised for daisy-chained distribution of two-channel audio, enabling routing to many amplifiers without the need for external switches, repeaters, or splitters.

25th November 2019

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