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Robe at LDI 2019

Robe at LDI 2019
Robe at LDI 2019

USA – Robe takes full advantage of LDI 2019 as a key US and international entertainment technology hub, and Las Vegas as a dynamic and lively nucleus for staging some of the world’s finest entertainment and events.

It will be the first US exhibition for Robe’s brand-new ground-breaking ESPRITE LED profile moving light which trail blazes a new era in white source LED engines. This and other new Robe technologies like Tetra 2 well be creating a massive buzz on Booth 1737

This year’s live show presents the second exciting chapter in Robe’s “Return to The Future” trilogy, inspired by iconic movie moments and a bit of car geekery! With the need to protect the space-time continuum and to avoid their future selves, can our time-travelling heroes use the ESPRITE’s transferable engine to prevent damage to the delicate fabric of time by the lab-controlled Tetra2s and make it ‘back to the future’?

The Robe live show brings theatricality and fun to the booth as well as demonstrating the lights in one of the creative scenarios for which they were designed. Spectacular, thrilling and animated, expect plenty of surprises and action!

Fans can also log in to Robe’s ESPRITE gaming platform which will run throughout LDI. The results will be evaluated daily and the top scorers will win some merchandise, and the overall winner will receive a super special ESPRITE coffee machine with the coffee engine!

In addition to ESPRITE and Tetra2, Robe, showcases several other new and current product ranges.

ESPRITE is a very bright and precise moving light is the first to use Robe’s ground-breaking new generation 650W WTE (white transferrable engine) light source. This has been fully designed, developed, patented and manufactured by Robe in its factory in the Czech Republic to ensure the very best performance.

ESPRITE is the first in a new series of Robe luminaires that will feature fully replaceable / transferable white source LED engines.

This high-performance luminaire can potentially replace old and entire fleets of workhorse discharge fixtures. Offering a cost-effective and easily changeable LED engine, Robe has eliminated the white source problems of unpredictable life and performance inconsistency.

The LED module holds a host of useful data in addition to the date, serial number and usage, which can be accessed via a free mobile app.

The crystal-clear, extremely bright and hugely economic WTE LED engine brings another wave of true lighting evolution,

Thanks to this powerful LED light source and highly efficient optical system, the fixture is outputting 27,000 Lumens. With this amazing light output and a way-cool set of features, the ESPRITE is ready to stun and impress users working across all lighting disciplines.

Many other design innovations include a new cooling system that removes any airflow over the optics, resulting in reduced residue deposits and vastly extending the periods between cleaning.

A 5.5 – 50° zoom range provides a high-quality flat-field beam, combined with fabulously smooth CMY colour mixing, extremely fast bumping colour wheels and a unique multi-coloured slot on the colour wheel for producing new levels of effects and animations.

Versatility can be maximised with effects like the animation wheel, variable CTO, two colour wheels, rotating and static gobos, a six-facet rotating prism and a selection of 1°and 5° frosts.

Together with a set of accurate framing shutters, and invaluable LED ‘adjuster tools’ like C-Pulse flicker-free management for optimisation with the latest HD and UHD cameras, the unit also has L3 (low light linearity) dimming for perfect results in the most demanding of performance conditions.

All these factors ensure that ESPRITE will enjoy great longevity and provide the excellent maximum short, long and extended ROI that’s synonymous with Robe products.

Robe’ s reputation for quality, innovation and design has been built over 25 years and is the result of constantly asking questions and listening to feedback from end-users on all levels. This has enabled the brand to constantly and continually redefine the boundaries of technology.

TETRA2 (from Tetragnatha) is a new linear bar fixture that builds on Robe’s Spiider and Tarrantula LED technology. Utilising the same LEDs, with an ultra-tight 4.5° beam from each of the 18 pixels, these can be combined to produce a bright, highly defined 'sheet' of light or Svoboda-style light curtain and fixtures can be positioned end-to-end for longer seamless curtains of light or washing effects.

There are two exclusive Robe patented MCFE (multi-coloured flower effects) within the LED engine which set the pixel-driven Tetra2 apart from other LED battens by projecting super-cool in-air animations.

The compact and practical design of the fixture allows end-to-end placement of units on the stage deck, floor or truss, maintaining equal spacing between pixels.

The homogenised beams, together with the smooth 10:1 zoom, provide a wash opening out to 45° or an effective footlight, wall grazer or for eye-popping in-air effects with fast-paced sweeping movements. This is much more than a standard LED batten.

With the latest Robe proprietary technology, including L3 (low light linearity) for imperceptible fades to black, the 18-bit control ensures very smooth colour mixing.

An embedded Ethernet switch and wide range of protocols (sACN, Art-Net or Kling-Net) allow a quick network installation and ease of control via media servers, DMX or the internal effects engine.

In addition to these fabulous new products, other current and popular Robe technologies featuring on the booth will include the SilverScan, the T1 Family (T1 Profile, T1 Profile FS, T1 Fresnel and the T1 PC), the RoboSpot remote followspotting system, which has been specified for numerous tours, theatre productions and TV shows, and Robe’s famous industry-standard Spiider and Tarrantula LED wash beams.

15th November 2019

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