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Software Update: Hippotizer 4.5.2

Hippotizer 4.5.2 is an improvement release for V4 and V4+. This version builds on 4.5.1, including fixing a few key issues and adding functionality in SHAPE's new 3D output management workflow.

Every Hippotizer V4 and V4+ can install 4.5.2: the software Assurance release date is 28 February 2019.

Functionality improvements in 4.5.2:

  • Sprite Mix ode now fades through transparent instead of blank when using crossfade on layer.

  • New contrast fader on the Colour Trafo effect.

  • Added level controls for each texture input into SHAPE.

  • Added the ability for pin selectors to show only the local host to speed up loading in larger systems.

4.5.2 fixes the following reported issues in 4.5.1:

  • PoKeys external I/O now working in Multicontroller.

  • Improved Zookeeper speed and stability in larger networked systems.

  • Host status now updates after configuring or importing components.

20th November 2019

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