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Software Update: Hippotizer 4.5.3

Green Hippo has announced the release of a new Hippotizer software version: 4.5.3. Fixing a critical issue and several smaller annoyances in response to user feedback, 4.5.3 improves the stability and speed of Hippotizer media servers.
Due to a critical issue being fixed in this release, Green Hippo strongly recommends upgrading from previous 4.5 versions to 4.5.3 as soon as possible.
Changes include:

  • Fixed a potential render failure when the engine is forced to reconfigure while running (the reason for engine reconfiguration appears to be a poor display connection causing an output change at show time). The issue manifests as all white outputs at run-time – fix is show-critical.

  • Improved multi-channel audio import behaviour. Clips with >2 channels will now encode alongside video clips and not just image sequences (though that still works)

  • The watermark on Play and Prep machines now fades in and out for a more pleasant pre-programming experience.

  • Fixed a widely reported issue where output manager would take the output restriction of the local machine when editing a remote host. This meant that configuring outputs from a PLAY or Zookeeper machine could fail.

  • Other fixed throughout Zookeeper and the engine. A full list of which is available in the release notes.

The Software Assurance date of 4.5.3 in common with all 4.5 releases is 28 February 2019. Software Assurance determines which versions of new software may install and run on a Hippotizer system. Once installed, the software will continue to operate for the life of the machine.

Finally, Green Hippo is maintaining support coverage by phone and email throughout the Christmas Holidays. If questions arise or support is required, please do not hesitate to contact Green Hippo by phone or by emailing

18th December 2019

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