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Convincing diversity at the Lang booth at ISE 2019

Convincing diversity at the Lang booth at ISE 2019

The Netherlands – As a strong partner Lang AG has dedicated itself to provide the most innovative and thoroughly tested solutions and products for the rental, staging and fixed installations market. This has long since surpassed the mere rental and sale of products of well-known manufacturers. By creating special-purpose solutions and serial products through the Lang brand Solutions4AV the company keeps finding additional value for the market and sets new standards. Solutions4AV stands for “custom-made solutions” for any kind of media-installation in the pro AV market and all “made in Germany”.

At this year’s Lang AG booth at ISE, 1-H50, visitors of the exhibition will find a variety of media-installations and special-purpose solutions from all video technology product ranges. They will be welcomed by staff from all three Lang companies – Lang AG, Lang Baranday AG and Lang UK Ltd.

In 2018 Lang AG presented a technological comparison of various 10G and 1G-Ethernet-based video distribution systems. This comparison revealed that SDVoE-based products had less latency and a measurably higher picture quality than comparable solutions. The ever current topic AV over IP cannot be left out of this year’s Lang booth. As one of the leading system integrators that advocates quality and innovation, the company is confronted with situations where interoperability plays a critical role on a daily basis. So, together with the SDVoE Alliance and manufacturers Christie, IDK, PureLink, ZeeVee as well as Netgear and the chip-producer Semtech, Lang presents a worldwide premiere: the unrestricted compatibility of the manufacturers’ encoders and decoders in connection with network engineering by Netgear. The kick-off for this was in October last year, where representatives of all parties converged at Lang Academy. Thomas Wendeler, product specialist Image Processing at Lang AG explains: “The products of these manufacturers are all based on the NT+ chip set by Semtech and are, as part of the SDVoE Alliance, theoretically compatible with each other. We put this to the test and our practical experience confirmed that yes, it works. With no problem at all the encoder and decoder communicated and acted, irrelevant of their manufacturer.” Lang AG, which has joined the SDVoE Alliance, will present this result in a practical demonstration at their booth. The streaming demonstration will be played on four NEC EA271U UHD-displays. Above the installation, a LG 86BH5C 86” display will offer further information. The Lang specialists want to demonstrate that all AV-allocators and processing applications that rely on a latency-free and uncompromising video quality can profit from the SDVoE technology. The end-to-end hard- and software platform for AV extension, switching, processing and controlling offers combined controlling APIs and interoperability through enhanced chip set technology.

The new millennium saw Lang AGs first projects with LED material. Connections were made at an early stage to well-known manufacturers in Asia. These have been reinforced over the years and know-how gathered. Today, Lang AG presents itself as a trustworthy partner for rental and system integrators in the LED market. Lang AG stands for comprehensive advice and service in regards to LED investments. With expertise and know-how the Lang specialists scan the market for current developments. It has thus been noted that the LED market is currently undergoing a transformation and is on the brink of changing from conventional SMD technology to more innovative technologies such as COB (chip on board) and IMD (integrated mounted device). The biggest installation at the Lang booth is an angular archway, the roof and one internal side of which, at just under 25m2, are equipped with the familiar SMD LED technology. In comparison to the LED installation at last years’ ISE, where the focus lay mainly on classical rental and staging products, this year’s exhibition will highlight a Samsung IF015H premium fixed installation with a pixel pitch of 1,5mm. This product is already known in the rental and staging market with its plug & play solution “The View”. The 130” LED single unit, which has been available since October 2018 and is easily handled, comes with a vertically adjustable pedestal and is available in large quantities for rental at Lang AG.

The specialists of the company are constantly on the lookout for new trends in the LED segment. The expertly and fastidiously monitor the market and take a closer look at the individual products of leading manufacturers. The current technologies are tested and thus the products with the highest performances are identified. In their quest for innovative products Lang confers with its clients and partners to determine innovations. In Lang initiated LED shoot-outs, which are relevant especially in the rental and staging business to ensure sufficient cross-rental possibilities, joint discussions are held on picture quality and engineering as well as other predefined product features. This way a product can be detected that best fulfils the market requirements, as it happened last June, where a common decision was made on the investment of a 4.x product: the INFiLED ER4plus LE. At various locations on the premises of the Integrated Systems Europe 2019 the product acts as a qualitatively high-class advertising space. As premium technical support sponsor of the trade fair the company supplies, amongst other things, the Holland Entrance with 35m² of equipment. The main stage in hall 8, where lectures and distinctions are held, is equipped with INFiLED ER4plus LE cabinets. In December a further shootout for a 3.x product also took place.

To facilitate the clients’ work of developing LED projects in a timely manner and configuring LED installations, Lang developed ConfiguLED, which is a helpful planning gadget in form of a LED calculator. It currently supports 31 different LED products with various pixel pitches and features. Installations can be planned simply and suitable products found for the required scope. Lang AG presents this useful app, available as of now, on a 40” primeTOUCH flat display. The Solutions4AV touch frame is combined with the manufacturer NEC’s new P404 display.

As every year, Solutions4AV uses the first-class setting of the ISE to demonstrate its custom-made products and special-purpose solutions. The individual, media technological solutions, which are developed and produced for the professional AV-market by this brand, serve a spectrum. They range from interactive, over mechanical to playout solutions.

At the Lang booth, situated alongside the SDVoE corner, an interactive GhosT-OLED application offers insight on the various inputs of the Lang booth. All input is routed through various HMS platform media servers, such as HMS mini and HMS X, in combination with AV Stumpfl’s Pixera software. The HMS X, successor of the well-known HMS-1, distinguishes itself through its vast performance. It has a much greater capacity than its predecessors. The HMS media server is an open platform that is compatible with AV Stumpfl’s new software generation Pixera. The 64-bit system not only offers an extremely user friendly GUI but also does not set any limitations on hardware use. The HMS X has its first appearance at the ISE and is available as of now. Lang AG can now offer its clients a seamless infrastructure of high-performance hardware together with flexible and intuitive software in the media server segment.

On a nearby wall the digital signage software PiNAGE will be presented on three NEC P404 40” displays. The software runs on the integrated Compute Module Raspberry Pi as well as on any other Raspberry Pi. The system was developed especially for this hardware. The content on the server can easily be distributed and arranged as required by the software. The Raspberry Pi, including PiNAGE, are also built in to the two Troll-E40s. These are 40” display prototypes on wheels which operate on the Solutions4AV Energy Pack 500-12. The Energy Pack 500-12 delivers the power for the Troll-E 40 making it mobile and not bound to a network. The battery can be charged during operation and also removed and charged with an external charger.

A further prototype that will be shown at booth 1-H50 is the mobile, battery operated SAMSUNG Fl!p. The FlipUP received various UPgrades. The frame of the display has been enriched with various decorations and the modified stand now sits on wheels powered by the integrated EnergyPack 500-12. With this boundless mobility and undertaken design-UPgrades this FlipUP-E can be placed in the most noble of locations and adds elegance to every meeting room and office. Apart from the FlipUP-E two further FlipUps will be part of the Lang booth to illustrate the various design possibilities. The Solutions4AV brand makes it possible for Lang clients to redefine their top-quality product through design upgrades and, for example, a new stand on wheels powered by the integrated EnergyPack 500-12.

In collaboration with Realtime Department Lang AG will show an interactive application by which the projection of a Christie D4K40-RGB laser projector onto a bevelled and structured wall can be guided intuitively. By means of a fluxTOUCH gen3 65” table application visitors can not only retrieve information through object recognition with TOR markers but also influence the RGB laser projection. By doing so the markers interact with and thus influence each other in their functional possibilities. The Christie D4K40-RGb is the first true RGB laser projector that is set in a compact housing, making it optimal for rental and staging use. A further exhibit is the Epson 1755U projector which is placed behind glass. It is, equipped with an ultra-short throw lens, placed in the EVO frame E10 and projects via rear projection onto the 2FaceFoil – a switchable foil by the Solutions4AV brand. The projector within the EVO frame only becomes visible when the foil has been switched on and becomes transparent.

A closer look can be taken of the new EVO frame series which was launched in autumn 2018. Three different EVO frames, centrally placed at the back of the archway, are displayed: the E20, the P20 and the P10. The E20 as well as the P20 are mounted in convertible mode, housing the Epson EB L-20000U and the Panasonic PT-RZ120 – with short throw lenses – respectively. The third EVO frame comes without a projector to give visitors the chance to try it for themselves. The new Solutions4AV frame-concept was redesigned from scratch the better to set it apart from already known frame models. The convertible design makes it very easy to remove the upper part of the frame so that working with ultra-short throw lenses is unproblematic. For this process, there are no additional tools necessary and there are no parts that could get lost. The galvanic insulation from the projector housing to the trussing is built-in. Due to this, there is no need for additional plastic washers to avoid electrical problems. This simplifies mounting the projector into the frame. Furthermore, adjusting the projector in the frame is more precisely with less unwanted play. It is fully compatible in regards of stacking and has nearly the same outer dimensions.

Just in time for the ISE, Lang Academy expands its training course. During the first term the focus will lie on the new Pixera media servers by AV Stumpfl. The Pixera software makes fast programming of shows, easy compositing as well as warping and projection mapping possible. Additionally it adds the possibility of pre-visualisation of projects. To ensure that every participant can get the best possible training, both basic and advanced, on this new software the Lang Academy recently invested in special AV Stumpfl training kits – each composed of two projectors and multiple projection surfaces.

A further novelty in the curriculum is the Creative OLED display training during which the participants get to know technologies and application options of various LG OLEDs as well as the GhosT-OLED by Solutions4AV. On top of this the training facility offers a NEC seamless display technologies course which specifically targets the brand new NEC UN462A and UN552A series.

The courses at the Swiss location Lang Baranday are heading for their second term with 6 courses. The focus here is also on media servers. The current curriculum of both locations will also be presented at this year’s Integrated Systems Europe in Amsterdam at Lang AGs booth 1H-50.

6th February 2019

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