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Bandit Adds Large Ayrton Purchase to Inventory

USA – Bandit Lites has made another substantial investment in new gear with a large purchase of Ayrton fixtures, including Ghibli and Mistrals. Both fixtures will initially be utilised on the road for platinum selling recording artist Chris Young’s Raised on Country Tour with a lighting design by Chris Lisle and Mike Stanley, as well as on lighting designer Steve Hoover’s rig for legendary musician Jimmy Buffett’s Son of a Son of Sailor Tour.

The Ghibli is Ayrton’s LED spot that comes factory-equipped with a framing system and delivers 23,000 lumens in a highly compact format along with a wide selection of colours and gobos, giving lighting designers a massive selection of tools to utilise.

“Over the years Ayrton fixtures have proven to be very resilient given the rigours of the road,” said Bandit Lites director of technical services Jake Tickle. “That said, when we first saw the Ghibli, I was more than impressed with the output and flatness of field and specifically the gobo package. Ayrton has put a together an excellent feature set in the Ghibli.”

In addition to the shipment of Ghibli fixtures, Bandit Lites also purchased a large quantity of Mistrals, a versatile spot luminaire which features an ultra-compact body while still offering a 13-lens optical system that gives a wide zoom range and uniform flat beam no matter the angle.

“When Ayrton released the Mistral, it was a natural choice for that product range,” said Tickle. “Both the Mistral and the Ghibli fixtures complement each other very well, while impressing in their own way. Doug Mechanic at ACT has been amazing in getting me the information and demo's I needed to assess the fixture appropriately.”

12th March 2019

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