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Cambridge Sound Management Appoints POLAR

Cambridge Sound Management Appoints POLAR

USA – Sound masking specialists, Cambridge Sound Management (CSM), recently acquired by Biamp, has appointed POLAR as its exclusive UK distributor. Headquartered in Boston, USA, Cambridge Sound Management is acknowledged as a market leader in its field, having launched its first commercial sound masking solution in 2001. CSM’s award-winning QtPro and DynasoundPro technologies are designed to help organisations of all sizes protect speech privacy, reduce noise distractions and increase workplace productivity by meeting the challenges presented by the architecture of settings such as open-plan and private offices, call centres and lobbies.

CSM’s proprietary technology works by adding a low level, unobtrusive background sound into an environment. This ambient, specially optimised sound masking drastically reduces the intelligibility of human speech to promote a workplace that is measurably more acoustically comfortable and private without sacrificing architectural design.

More than 20,000 installations around the world already utilise CSM products across education, government, corporate, healthcare, financial services and retail applications giving director of integrated solutions at POLAR, Stuart Leader, good cause to regard CSM as a very important addition to its portfolio: “Cambridge Sound Management’s sound masking solutions are the best on the market. The need for room acoustics solutions is, if anything, a growing area of our business, as the demands on architects to produce aesthetically pleasing and sustainable buildings within tight budgets can mean that room acoustics are not always at the forefront of design. Whilst large open spaces, full of hard surfaces, can look great and appear to promote a socially virtuous environment, they can have inherent problems, where a lack of privacy and distraction impact negatively on productivity.

At POLAR we have a range of room acoustic solutions. Brands like Primacoustics, offering acoustic tiling and panelling, address a host of issues and adding CSM to our portfolio further widens the scope of our customers in addressing different and challenging room acoustic scenarios.”

26th March 2019

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