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Data Strategy showcases VeriCal at PL + S

Data Strategy showcases VeriCal at PL + S

Germany – At this year’s Pro Light + Sound show, Data Strategy will demonstrate its innovative and market-leading safety test and logging systems for the event and media production industries, showcasing for the first time in Europe its VeriCal system for the QC-Check workstation.

VeriCal provides a complete inspection of the QC-Check system to ensure that it is working within its operational specifications. The add-on is the latest Data Strategy product to combine hardware with intelligent software ensuring the appliance test units within the QC-Check Workstation produce verified and accurate results.

A typical QC-Check workstation will also be demonstrated, employing the advanced, heavy-duty electrical safety test capabilities of Out Board’s PAT-4 and CAB-5 automated portable appliance testers and cable testers. QC-Check fulfils all PAT, cable and RCD testing required under UK and International regulations including VDE 0701 & 0702 and IEC PT 62638 (recurrent test and test after repair and modification of electrical equipment).

The latest version of QC-Check and Out Board’s testers address the ever-increasing focus on electrical safety and quality standards in the entertainment, media and presentation industries, with the added benefit of enhanced workflow efficiency. Out Board’s PAT-4 Test Processor comes in single-phase and 3-phase versions with 16A, 32A and 125A variants; add-on CAB-5 modules allow testing of power, control and data cables from 5-100 cores.

QC-Check uses an SQL database to record the test results to provide a comprehensive audit trail and is fully networkable across multiple workstations allowing any number of users to prep, test, inspect and log data simultaneously, including at remote sites via VPN. Detailed reports can be quickly generated to allow the production of test certificates and returns exceptions lists for each rental job.

QC-Check has been integrated with many rental software packages including easyjob, HireTrack, Rental Point, RTPro and InspHire, as well as proprietary systems in some large-scale rental houses. The software system is relied upon by a growing roster of rental companies and venues such as PRG, Fisher Hires, Blitz Communications, Event Concepts, Pinewood MBS, Warner Brothers, Cinelease, Pearce Hire, SES, VER, Panalux, Entec, Trans-Sport, Hawthorn, Eclipse Hire Dubai, Royal Opera House, NEC, Blinding Light, Creative Technology, Stage Electrics, Paragon and Theatre Clwyd.

Data Strategy has a long and specialist history in delivering real world, practical products that combine software with hardware to provide safety solutions for the hire industry – in essence, making safety part of the process. The company’s aim is to understand customers’ business processes and deliver comprehensive solutions that provide real enhancements to those requirements.

29th March 2019

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