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Elation Professional’s Brilliant and Beautiful Artiste Monet

Elation Professional’s Brilliant and Beautiful Artiste Monet

Elation Professional’s latest innovation in its award-winning Artiste series is a brilliant, 45,000-lumen strong LED Profile light capable of projecting some of the most gorgeous colours ever produced by an automated LED luminaire. A remarkable combination of brawn and beauty, the Artiste Monet is ideal for any application requiring superior output, stunning effects and unmatched colours in a virtually silent luminaire.

The Artiste Monet’s unprecedented colour palette is possible due to an innovative SpectraColor LED engine that uses traditional CMY colour mixing and adds variable RGB flags for richer, more saturated primary colours. In combination with variable CTO colour correction, the Monet produces colours that were previously impossible to achieve, from theatrical pastels to the most vibrant primary reds or blues ever produced by a colour mixing system. The wide colour gamut is achieved by seven colour-mixing flags with 16-bit precision, providing artistic possibilities that are truly inspiring. A six-position fixed colour wheel with UV and high CRI options round out the Monet’s amazing colour range.

“With its massive output, absolutely stunning color spectrum and precise optics, the Artiste Monet is the brightest and most feature packed framing LED fixture produced to date,” states Elation Product Manager Matthias Hinrichs. “With an amazing quality of light and sheer power from the custom 950W LED engine, we managed to support the designer’s need for high lumens, rich colours and precision out of one fixture with no compromises. LED profiles truly have arrived with Monet radically exceeding the performance and colour quality of any discharge fixture on the market. The fixture’s continuous rotation framing system and SpectraColor array is a testament to Elation’s success as a true R&D leader and innovator in entertainment lighting.”

Projection quality from the Monet’s efficient 950W white LED engine (6,500K) is outstanding, and with such extreme output radiating from an impressive 160mm front lens, the fixture has the power to cut through at even great distances in arena touring environments or large TV or theatre stages. A precise zoom can adjust the beam quickly and evenly from a tight 6.5° to a wide 55° for use in a variety of situations.

With Monet, designers have access to a comprehensive package of design options that enables it to proudly live up to its artistic namesake. Creative expression is bolstered by seven rotating and seven fixed glass gobos for aerial and projected effects, a set of gobos that should be well received by all types of lighting designers. Effects can be multiplied via dual prisms for more bustling looks or a 360° bi-directional animation wheel can be engaged to bring graphics to life. Two linear frost filters can be applied for an even diffusion of light when designers wish for softer gobo or soft wash effects. A high-speed iris can be engaged for further impression.

Also unique to the Artiste Monet is its full blackout, four-blade framing system for full control of the beam shape. Not only does the adjustable system allow for refinement of the beam shape and projection at any angle, newly designed unlimited indexing and continuous rotation control allow shapes to rotate while morphing and transforming, allowing for creative transitions, projections and aerial effects not previously possible.

The Artiste Monet is outfitted with all the professional control and connection features that designers would expect from a cutting-edge luminaire. With unprecedented power, a cutting-edge SpectraColor system and full array of professional design features, the fixture sets a new standard as a benchmark automated LED luminaire.

25th March 2019

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