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Four New Products in PR Lighting’s Frankfurt Presentation

Four New Products in PR Lighting’s Frankfurt Presentation
Four New Products in PR Lighting’s Frankfurt Presentation

Germany – PR Lighting will present its usual high calibre portfolio, including four new products, at Prolight+Sound in a dedicated open demo theatre (booth #12.0, E75) adjacent to their German distributors, Focon Showtechnic.

Once again the company’s innovations will be in keeping with the modern requirement in theatre and show lighting, as well as the architectural segment.

Pride of place will go to their most powerful framing module, the XR 1700 Framing.

Based around the Osram Lok-it! 1700/PS highly efficient short-arc metal halide lamp, the XR 1700 Framing (PR-2887) represents PR Lighting’s most powerful framing fixture yet, and the flagship in its range, producing unprecedented light output.

Featuring four framing blades, it delivers a range of graphics in different sizes and shapes and a further four framing blades to give a full curtain effect. The whole module offers endless rotation to provide unlimited versatility, a major breakthrough.

This comprehensive fixture offers a number of advanced features, including CMY linear colour mixing system with macros; Colour wheels offering seven colour filters plus open, half-colour effect, bi-directional rainbow effect with variable speeds, and stepping/linear colour changing, with a linear CTO system.

It also provides two bi-directional rotating gobo wheels, a six-facet circular and six-facet linear prism, dimmer and two effects wheels.

The head can move through 540° pan and 270° tilt, with auto position correction, with a light angle of 5°-55° linear zoom, with 16-bit adjustment.

PR Lighting will also present the new IP-65 rated TANGO Spot (PR-6610), a powerful outdoor spot, equipped with the Atria 620W bright white LED source. Offering precise 8°-56° wide zoom control and multi dynamic effects, it is ideal for lighting urban building façades, landscapes and other multi-scale locations.

Features include electronic linearly dimmable strobe (0-100%) with 0.3-25 fps, colour wheel with six colours plus open and half colour effect, bi-directional rainbow effect at variable speeds, and stepped/linear colour changing effects.

The rotating gobo wheel contains six replacement glass or metal gobos (plus open), bidirectionally rotating at variable speeds. Shaking effect and bidirectional scrolling are also available at variable speeds. The gobo external size is 37.5mm, and the image size is 26mm.

The optical path further contains a four-facet prism, bi-directional at variable speeds, index function (optional three-facet prism, coloured prism), a six-facet array prism, bi-directional at variable speeds, index function (optional three-facet prism, four-facet gradient prism).

Also featured is a double layer effects wheel, with independent bidirectional rotation at variable speeds, and a vari-speed shaking effect.

Other effects include a motorised linear focus zoom, while the iris is also linearly adjustable from 5-100%.

Alongside, will be the new LS PAR 354 (PR-6209A) fixture is an IP67-rated par light for external use. Equipped with 54 x 3W LEDs, it provides RGBW (with amber and lime options) as well as single colour output to deliver countless mixing effects and combinations. This makes it ideal for multi-scale outdoor stages, theme parks and so on.

Included in the comprehensive feature-set are electronic linear dimming from 0-100% and electronic strobe, from 0.5-33fps.It also offers variable beam angles (half peak)9°, with options of 7°, 10°, 20° and 40°).

Other functions include lamp board and fixture usage time display,

DMX channel mode and setting display and LCD menu display (backlight automatically turns off after a delay). Control mode and other information can be transmitted via synchronisation.

Housed in a high tensile, cast aluminium IP67-rated alloy chassis, the weight of the LS PAR 354 is just 10kg.

Finally, the ARC LED 1572 (PR-6262) is a new exterior, IP67-rated exterior architectural luminaire, with two independent heads. It features 72 Philips 15W (RGBW four-in-one) LEDs, linearly adjustable colour temperature, combined with four individual areas of control.

Emitting a 37° x 57° near square light it is multi-faceted and is ideal for use in medium to large scale stadia, theme parks and for general architectural lighting.

In terms of movement, the head tilts at 180°, and in addition to the field angle, the beam angle is 14°.

These will line up alongside other popular fixtures in the PR Lighting catalogue.


Four New Products in PR Lighting’s Frankfurt PresentationFour New Products in PR Lighting’s Frankfurt Presentation

11th March 2019

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