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Long-awaited Relevé Spot is now shipping

Long-awaited Relevé Spot is now shipping

ETC’s first automated fixture in over a decade hit the trade shows late 2018. After winning an award at PLASA in London in September, and getting rave reviews at LDI in October, the Relevé Spot is now shipping.

This all-LED fixture boasts an additive colour mixing system that creates colours so bright users will be blown away. With deep reds, piercing greens, and whiter whites, it has to be seen to believe!. In addition to the impressive colour and brightness, Relevé Spot houses a dual pattern system for increased gobo projection options.

The custom Ani-gobo wheel features a seamless pattern that flows from one graphical element to the next. Using this in combination with the customisable, five-position gobo wheel gives infinite texturing and theatre-ready effects.

In addition, one of the most impressive features is the industry-leading, patented Whisper Home technology. Relevé Spot enables users set the physical movement limits of each fixture, keeping it from ever having to spin a full rotation at start-up or re-homing. Because Relevé Spot never has to move more than 1° to find its home position, it can be installed in tight rail positions, narrow box booms, and other space-restricting locations.

18th March 2019

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