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Martin Audio Open Days Build on Previous Successes

Martin Audio Open Days Build on Previous Successes
Martin Audio Open Days Build on Previous Successes

UK – Martin Audio’s series of Open Days have not only built organically on a proven formula but given international resellers a compelling reason to travel to High Wycombe, sample the new portfolio of products first hand, take a factory visit and partake in some of the manufacturer’s legendary hospitality.

These popular events have truly been ‘uniting the audience’ since the inaugural Open Day back in September 2017 after the company had sought to infuse its strategic global marketing thrust with greater efficiencies.

Hence the opening session on day one this year, dedicated to Live Sound, was predictably packed.

After managing director, Dom Harter, had reminded attendees of the origins of the company – how it had been set up by its eponymous founder, Dave Martin, back in 1971 – Nigel Meddemmen (technical sales support) ran through the current front line systems, starting with the point source BlacklineX series “a classic multi-purpose range”, explaining that it should be partnered with the new VIA amp range for best effect.

Proof of concept was established in the listening tests, which in all cases was exemplified both with and without subwoofer support.

Moving further upmarket, the XD series offers improved quality and is aimed at the higher end of pro rental. With its rotatable horn it provides a wide range of deployment options, and visitors could clearly hear the difference, both when the XD12 and XD15, powered by the iKON iK81 amp, were run alone, and in partnership with the new SXC118 cardioid sub.

Meddemmen then moved the audience into Martin Audio’s world of Coaxial Differential Dispersion with CDD-LIVE, explaining how this powered, portable box had emanated from the original CDD installation range. Under listening conditions, the power of the compact CDD-LIVE 8, particularly in the low end, staggered the audience, and further examples were given up to the CDD-LIVE 15, both with and without the SXP218 twin 18” sub.

After a short break, Dom Harter returned to the podium to move the focus onto the Line Array portfolio, and the theory behind the latest Wavefront Precision series, with its scalable resolution technology. He set out the company’s origins of controllable line array and explained how their approach differs from conventional line array technology, citing its adoption by leading global festivals such as Rock In Rio, British Summer Time (Hyde Park) and Glastonbury. “We are more concerned about the arrival of sound at the audience area, than what exits the grille so we use computer optimisations and a summation algorithm to deliver the goals set by the user.”

The audience had the opportunity to hear the Wavefront Precision series including the brand new WPL large format array. “Wavefront Precision has quickly become the most successful line arrays in our history,” noted Harter. “The scalable resolution gives more flexibility and therefore pricing to any install or event.”

After a further break, director of marketing, James King introduced Sound Adventures, the immersive 3D sound experience developed with Astro Spatial Audio. On hand was also the Dutch company’s MD, Bjorn van Munster.

This audio object based system, shows that audio can start playing a more pivotal role in the AV equation, “Whether it’s flexible Wide Stereo coverage or full 3D immersive sound, Sound Adventures is liberating the sound designer or engineer and invigorating audience experiences,” said King.

Summing up the day, James King said: “These events are of critical importance to our continuing brand momentum and we are delighted that so many customers from all over the world were able to attend. We have already started preparation for the September Open Day.”

27th March 2019

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