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Movecat equipment for Roland Kaiser's arena tour

Movecat equipment for Roland Kaiser\'s arena tour

Europe – He's sold over 90 million albums, these regularly going gold or platinum, and his concerts are often sold out within hours. This is Roland Kaiser, whose 2018/19 tour of arenas in Germany, Austria and Switzerland launched on 15 November 2018 in the SACHSEN Arena in Riesa. The last of the 21 shows took place on 24 March 2019 in Dortmund's Westfalenhalle.

Responsible for the rigging and kinetics of the shows was gruppe20 Veranstaltungstechnik of Augsburg. Among the loads requiring moving were six G-LEC walls two-by-two metres in area, each with a Robe MegaPointe, and two two-by-four metre G-LEC walls, each with two Robe MegaPointes. The total weight per G-LEC wall amounted in some cases therefore to 140kg. The positioning was performed using 16 VMK-S 250-33, 16 V-Motion 30, and four NDB6, chain hoists von Movecat. These were controlled by a Movecat iMotion Expert T II console.

"This was an exciting and lavish C1 production," relates Klaus Mayer of gruppe20, "in which we took full advantage of the Movecat system." Adds C1 operator Dominik Sonntag with a wink: "The C1 movements involved almost as many cues as the light show."

For the rigging, under the direction of Boris Zernikow, an additional forty-seven D8+ drives in the 0.32 t, 0.5 t and 1t weight categories as well as single and two ton D8 hoists were used. The Roland Kaiser shows involved a total rigging load of around 20 tons.

photo: Simon Kropp

27th March 2019

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