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Show Us #WhatMatters – Zero 88’s Great Photo Opportunities

Show Us #WhatMatters – Zero 88’s Great Photo Opportunities

Throughout 2019, UK lighting control manufacturer Zero 88 is running a fabulous photo competition, #WhatMatters, which is open to anyone working on a production, project, event or installation which involves Zero 88 products.

There are ten categories in which participants can enter an image:

  • Architectural and commercial installations

  • Corporate events 

  • Broadcasting

  • Performing arts

  • Concert and touring 

  • Attractions

  • Educational

  • Worship

  • Rental 

  • Multipurpose venues

“At Zero we love highlighting the work of our clients and end-users and so the #WhatMatters competition evolved with the idea of enabling people to share some of the best elements and magic associated in creating experiences and delighting audiences.”

“We’re excited about this chance for people to capture those moments and in some cases also demonstrate their own photography skills!” explained Zero 88 product manager Jon Hole.

It gives Jon and the Zero 88 team a chance to look at and appreciate the numerous innovative shows, events and designs on which their dynamic lighting control products are being used, and it’s a fun and mutually beneficial way to communicate with the Zero 88 community.

“We are hoping that lots of people will get snapping,” says Jon.

Winners can receive a £50 Amazon voucher or a one-universe ZerOS upgrade which is currently worth £250. There's no deadline, but throughout March, as an introductory competition participants could win a doubled up voucher for £100.

Any photo of any Zero environment can be submitted, but is must be high quality, crisp, clear, vibrant and something with character that shows at a glance the ‘visual essence’ of the project.

There are no specific requirements related to the equipment used, from a pro SLR camera to a smartphone, just as long as the image has a minimum of 1800 x 1200 pixels and looks amazing!

And a tip from the judges is that cool images of beautiful lighting designs or unique venues are more likely to be selected than a selfie with a Zero 88 console!

Apart from that, there’s a couple of other strict requirements, which are that the photo must reflect and illustrate an environment where Zero 88 products are currently being (or have recently been) used, and the person entering the image must have the copyright, or permission from the person who holds the copyright to use the photo.

Some of the images may end up being used for Zero 88 marketing campaigns on its website or Insta account.

Submissions can be emailed directly to and for full information, terms & conditions and details on the process and the prizes, etc., please check

In picture: From the production '#Hashtag Lightie', lighting designer Richard Lambert.

photo: Kwaku Kyei

14th March 2019

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