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‘Floating’ displays lift The World of Beatrix Potter Attraction

‘Floating’ displays lift The World of Beatrix Potter Attraction
‘Floating’ displays lift The World of Beatrix Potter Attraction

UK – The World of Beatrix Potter wanted to reinvigorate the attraction with stunning new displays that were not only beautiful works of art in themselves but also help visitors navigate through the attraction on the self-guided tour of the exhibition.

The creative team developed the idea of creating collages made up from thousands of artificial maple leaves to float like clouds above the main displays. The leaves would provide a 3D surface upon which moving content would be projected. As well as the 'leaf' clouds described above, the team designed large leaf-shaped displays to hang from the ceiling that would show projected imagery with illustrations and text from the books to tie in with each zone.

Cumbria-based AV experts Soundsmith, chose six Optoma ZU660 laser projectors with short ultra short throw lenses for the 3D leaf collage displays and six ZU500T laser projectors to rear project onto the single leaf displays in each zone.

Tom Elleray from Soundsmith Limited said: “The ZU500T are fairly small units for the powerful image they project. We could install these to rear project onto the leaves for the zones and they are barely visible to visitors. The black chassis blends perfectly into the background.”

All equipment is networked and managed through the attraction’s QLab control system. This centrally controls all AV elements so that as visitors walk through the attraction, imagery, sound and lighting is triggered accordingly. The system switches on and off at the start and end of the day and also cleverly responds to fluctuations in visitor numbers, so if there is a greater footfall on a wet Lake District day, the cues last longer.

A further two ZU650 projectors were installed in the attraction foyer to improve the visitor welcome experience and a powerful ZU1050 projector was installed in the Old Laundry Theatre to rear project onto a screen in the musical adventure Where is Peter Rabbit? theatre show. Tom said: “We were asked to provide a 4m wide image, with very little throw distance, that could be rear projected and compete with the bright stage lighting. The Optoma ZU1050 was the brightest solution possible that we could combine with the ultra-short throw lens to achieve this.”

Tom said: “The new displays really ‘lift’ the experience to another dimension and reinvigorate what was already a brilliant attraction. We are thrilled with the final results. It worked perfectly right from the opening and the effect from these projections is simply stunning, even better than we expected!”

The ZU1050 projector installed in the Old Laundry Theatre for the Where is Peter Rabbit? theatre production has made a huge difference to the show. Tom said: “The vibrancy of the images and video is just stunning. It is especially impressive when you consider the environment in which the projection is taking place. The actors use the projection as an ever changing backdrop to the performance. It enables the scene to be set in seconds, rather than the minutes it would take using traditional theatre scenery.”

Sarah Melhuish, marketing manager from The World of Beatrix Potter attraction said: “We are delighted with the new installations at the attraction which have significantly enhanced the exhibition and created an even more immersive experience for our visitors. The projections are enriched by innovative new lighting and a dramatic new sound track, which guide visitors through the different scenes.

“This is the biggest addition to the attraction in recent years and reaction from our visitors has been outstanding. We are thrilled with the visual effects that have been created by the Optoma projectors.


17th May 2019

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