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LED Creative Got Your Back

LED Creative Got Your Back

UK – LED illumination specialist LED Creative supported scenic designer Andrew Gates, lighting director Stuart Pring and the team at Joe Lycett's Got Your Back.

Filmed in front of a studio audience at h Studio, London, the 6 x 30 minute series features comedian Joe Lycett serving up a healthy dose of consumer justice as he exposes a variety of scams, appalling customer service and unacceptable consumer standards on behalf of the people of the UK.

Helping to achieve the show’s bright, playful look, LED Creative provided Pulse Wands, Alpha 60 and Byte System to deliver vibrant colour and optimum control over the set illumination.

In building the boldly coloured design, the scenic designer cleverly integrated LED Creative Alpha 60 throughout the structural components and backdrop. Additional runs of Alpha 60 were concealed above and below the raised stage area to create a halo effect around its perimeter.

LED Creative Pulse Wands, a range of tubular baton fixtures created to deliver stunning LED power, performance and flexibility were also applied to the installation dynamic shape and form.

Speaking about the production, lighting director Stuart Pring says: “The plug-and-play nature of LED Creative’s Pulse Wands make them ideal as a simple to rig, highly controllable solution. The ability to manage the colour and intensity of the output allowed us to add some interesting effects to the set.”

The LD continues: “The design featured semi opaque perspex lightboxes which were rigged with Pulse Wands to form abstract illuminated shapes. We also positioned them behind the windows that flanked the stage and behind the audience adding a further dimension to the wider shots.”

Commenting on the show, LED Creative’s Tim Rees adds: “The set created for Joe Lycett's Got Your Back is full of strong shapes and bold colours. It was therefore extremely important that our products deliver on both intensity and control. Andrew Gates made great use of the Alpha 60 within his design for the show and Stuart has added some really interesting effects to the overall look.”

photo: Channel 4

23rd May 2019

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