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Neutrik introduces opticalCON DRAGONFLY fibre optic connector series

Neutrik introduces opticalCON DRAGONFLY fibre optic connector series


Neutrik has announced the introduction of the DRAGONFLY opticalCON fibre optic camera connector series.

The latest addition to the company’s acclaimed opticalCON family of products, the DRAGONFLY series offers advanced lens technology for the broadcast and AV markets, ensuring robust, reliable connectivity that is easier to maintain than common hybrid camera signal transmission systems of similar performance.

Based on Neutrik’s patented XB2 Technology, a development that revolutionises expanded beam technology, DRAGONFLY offers near to physical contact connectivity levels of efficiency. With a signal surface 322 times larger than physical contact surfaces, its innovative fusion splice, high-performance lens transmits UHD 4K and 8K signals with low loss.

Additionally, the oversize signal surface provides for low sensitivity to dust and dirt. Requiring no specialist tools, cleaning is quick and efficient, using compressed air and water. With its reliable push/pull locking mechanism, IP68 rated dust and waterproof rating in mated condition, and proven anti-kink boot design, DRAGONFLY offers a long life of 10,000 mating cycles. DRAGONFLY connectivity particularly offers robust protection against vibration, with far lower potential for damage. It is also field serviceable – with a fusion splicing kit – making DRAGONFLY an outstanding choice for field broadcast applications.

With its high performance, low loss attributes and consistent quality, including 100% reliability, even when subjected to extreme temperature fluctuations, DRAGONFLY is both innovative and future-proof.

DRAGONFLY redefines simplicity and efficiency. Its hybrid connection transmits both power and data over a single connection, with low maintenance intervals. Switching to DRAGONFLY is easy, as it fits into standardised broadcast cutouts.

Fabio Röllin, Neutrik product manager, commented on the company’s new DRAGONFLY series: “Neutrik’s opticalCON DRAGONFLY series is yet another innovation for the broadcast and AV markets’ fibre requirements. This ruggedised and low maintenance SMPTE hybrid camera connector for indoor and outdoor use will future proof customer’s fibre optic needs for 4K and 8K signals.”

31st May 2019

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