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Nixer’s Smart PD Dante Gives a Big Hand to Audio Network Troubleshooters and Operators

Nixer’s Smart PD Dante Gives a Big Hand to Audio Network Troubleshooters and Operators

Setting up and configuring new DANTE audio networks is now much easier thanks to Nixer Pro Audio’s PD Dante, a handheld portable audio monitoring tool that has been specifically designed for this task.

PD Dante, which is exclusively distributed in the UK by Aspen Media, provides engineers with an effective tool for managing live or production systems. Its compact design and functionality makes it exceptionally valuable as an operational monitoring device.

PD Dante presents up to 64 channels of audio for instant monitoring via the built-in speakers, headphones or external monitors; either individually, as a stereo pair or contributing to a mix of selected sources. Each touchscreen selector includes a guide bar graph meter to assist in selecting the right signal with the option of routing that signal to the left, right or both monitoring outputs.

PD Dante is quick to deploy, needing only a single cable for both audio and power (PoE). Its start-up time is just 15 seconds and users can directly select audio channels from all the Dante sources on the network by using the touchscreen.

Anthony Wilkins, sales manager at Aspen Media, commented: “PD Dante is supremely convenient. It removes the need for engineers or operators to carry that slow-to-boot and bulky laptop computer to select sources for monitoring. With this unit, all the tools necessary for line-checking, troubleshooting or operator and talent monitoring are readily available in a single portable device.”

Wilkins added that PD Dante also integrates easily to the comms system via the combined headphone and mic connection common on most smart phones. “This allows the operator to monitor show comms or production talkback, with the option to talkback to FOH or the gallery via the Dante network,” he says.

PD Dante includes extensive reporting of the network status and is compatible with Dante Domain Manager for larger multi-subnet installations.

PD Dante’s usability improves with the addition of the optional desktop stand, IO cables to connect to local devices or systems and a durable carry case to protect the complete kit while in transit.

10th May 2019

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