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PR Lighting Announces New XR 580 Fixtures

PR Lighting Announces New XR 580 Fixtures
PR Lighting Announces New XR 580 Fixtures

PR Lighting’s new XR 580 BWS (PR-2552) and XR 580 Beam (PR-2554) take the power rating of the popular XR series to new heights thanks to the presence of the Philips MSD Platinum 25R (550W) lamp (with the Osram Sirius HRI 550W XR as an option).

Features include colour wheel with 11 colour filters (and CTO plus open) with bi-directional rainbow effect at variable speeds and stepping/linear colour changing. Also included are a CMY colour mixing system with macro and individual CTO colour temperature adjustment (0-100%).

The optical path also contains a fixed gobo wheel with 18 gobos plus open, bi-directionally rotatable and shakeable at variable speeds, as well as a rotating gobo wheel with seven gobos plus open, which are replaceable.

The fixture provides three prisms, eight-facet, nine-facet and four-facet, with optional three-facet and 16-facet prisms and frost filter, while the effect wheel can overlap with the gobos.

Other features include motorised linear focus and zoom, strobe (0.3-25 fps) and head movement of 540° (pan) and 270° (tilt) with auto position correction and adjustable speed.

Light angles are 0-15° (beam), 1.5°-41° (spot) and 2.6°-45° (wash), and DMX512 control provides 23 channels in short mode, 31 channels (standard mode) and 35 channels (extended mode).

The XR 580 Beam offers a similar spec and feature-set but with a 2° light angle. Control is via DMX512 with 22 channels in short mode, 26 channels (standard mode) and 30 channels (extended mode).

9th May 2019

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