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Pro Gear Creates Club Atmosphere at Moose Bar Chain with Chauvet DJ

Pro Gear Creates Club Atmosphere at Moose Bar Chain with Chauvet DJ

Belgium –Throughout the world, people have taken mobility to a new level. Pop-up stores are redefining retailing from Brooklyn to Barcelona. Food trucks are serving up tasty meals on every corner. Now Versuz, the largest nightclub in Belgium and one of the hottest venues in Europe, has added a happy new twist to the pop-up concept with Moose Bar.

Taking the party to the people, Moose Bar is opening pop-up nightspots throughout Belgium. Designed to evoke the feel of an après-ski style party spot, all Moose Bars offer the look, feel and good-time vibe of a first-rate nightclub with plenty of food, drink, loud convivial company, and performances by top DJs. Contributing to the festive atmosphere is a collection of Chauvet DJ fixtures, supplied by Pro Gear BVBA.

“Being familiar with my reputation as a DJ, and since I’m part of the Versuz team, the club’s owner felt comfortable seeking my advice on giving Moose Bar a nightclub feel,” said Laurent Wery, owner of Pro Gear. “Bright, fast-moving and colourful lighting is a key to creating this kind of atmosphere, which made the choice of fixtures very important.”

Wanting fixtures that could deliver the exciting visuals of a club environment, yet were compact and energy efficient enough for a pop-up location, Wery decided to anchor Moose Bar rigs with Chauvet DJ products. Featured in his lighting package for the six current venues in the chain are: 47 Intimidator Spot 260 moving fixtures, 80 SlimPAR T6 USB low-profile RGB wash lights, 30 SlimPAR T12 USB units, four Line Dancer compact mid-air effects, one Swarm Wash FX rotating derby, 16 Geyser P7 colourised RGBA+UV foggers, and three Hurricane 2000 fog machines.

“Each Moose Bar is different in size and style, so each has its own unique lighting needs,” said Wery. “However, the goal in all sites was the same: to create excitement and colour that enhance the club atmosphere.”

A lively dance floor is essential to creating that kind of atmosphere, whether at a pop-up site or permanent location. Wery ensured that the dance floors at the Moose Bar clubs were enlivened by a steady stream a bright and bold looks by hanging the Intimidator Spot 260 fixtures over them as their main spot. At some sites, he enhanced the impact of these 75W powerhouses by coordinating them with aerial effects from the Line Dancer or Swarm units.

For colour, Wery positioned the SlimPAR washes strategically throughout each Moose Bar location. “The SlimPars create the kind of ambience and glow that people associate with a club like Moose Bar,” he said. “We’re able to make each location sparkle with colours that best suit that particular venue. In each case, the colours are vivid and realistic, and the output is very good.”

In addition to liking the performance features of the fixtures in the Moose Bar lighting rig, Wery is quick to praise their practical benefits. “The install time, price/quality per unit and fast teardown/storage associated with these lights were important factors in us selecting them,” he said. “Moose Bars are temporary pop-up venues, so we have to think not only of using these lights, but also of packing them up.”

When those lights are packed up, it’s safe to assume that they will reappear again at another time and place, as Moose Bar continues to bring a new level of nightlife excitement to every corner of Belgium.

Pro Gear Creates Club Atmosphere at Moose Bar Chain with Chauvet DJPro Gear Creates Club Atmosphere at Moose Bar Chain with Chauvet DJ

22nd May 2019

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