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InfoComm 2019: Yamaha Launches Significant New Products for Installed and Live Audio Markets

InfoComm 2019: Yamaha Launches Significant New Products for Installed and Live Audio Markets
InfoComm 2019: Yamaha Launches Significant New Products for Installed and Live Audio Markets

USA – Yamaha is launching a number of key new products at InfoComm 2019, held in Orlando, USA, from 12-14 June, which see significant new facilities and functions made available to both the installed and live audio industries.

The new PC Series D and DI models are a new kind of power amplifier, featuring state-of-the-art signal processing, Dante audio networking and a unique 20 x 8 input matrix. The matrix means that sound from analogue or Dante inputs can be output via Dante to another amplifier, after adjusting using the onboard processors, greatly enhancing the flexibility and scalability of the system.

There is a choice of standard (D) or installation (DI) version, both available with a power output of 600W or 1200W (8Ω) and delivering stable operation at a high load of 2Ω. The DI models can handle high-impedance connections, allowing them to drive multiple speakers from a single channel.

The on-board processing delivers extensive, powerful features that are highly effective when used with loudspeakers. These include effective FIR EQ2, 16-band parametric EQ, crossover, filter, delay and protection features like peak and RMS limiting. Even in a system with no mixer or signal processor, the matrix function’s flexible routing makes it possible to perform audio signal processing with the internal DSP.

A state-of-the-art Class-D amplifier unit delivers impressively low distortion with exceptional efficiency, providing a solid, clearly defined low end and articulate sound reproduction with detailed high frequency nuances.

Amp parameters and configuration settings can be set flexibly and quickly on the front panel or via the dedicated ProVisionaire Amp Editor amp management software. In addition, all models are compatible with Yamaha’s flexible ProVisionaire Control/Touch wireless remote control and monitoring software applications.

InfoComm 2019 sees the announcement of AFC4, the latest version of Yamaha’s innovative Active Field Control (AFC) acoustic conditioning system. A combination of architectural acoustics and electro-acoustic signal processing, AFC allows users to manipulate and enhance the acoustics of a space in order to improve the sound for both audiences and performers, as well as to accommodate a wider range of applications.

AFC4 sees significant upgrades in sound quality and DSP power, making it possible to enhance an acoustic environment even further, or even to create one; for example, in an outdoor or roofless venue. The processor’s sampling rate, fixed FIR taps, FIR presets and configurable FIR tap settings have all been significantly upgraded and it is now equipped with an FIR EQ.

Combined with greater connectivity – 32 mic inputs and 96 output channels – the upgraded DSP will give users much greater flexibility and control over the acoustic architecture of a space, making it possible to achieve a much broader range of sonic ‘experiences’, from subtle and nuanced to more dramatic.

The full line-up of the Yamaha’s VX range of speakers is on show at InfoComm 2019, including the new VXC2F and VXC8S ceiling models, plus the latest V3.0 update for the Commercial Installation Solutions Speaker Calculator (CISSCA) system design software.

The expanding VX series is divided into three types; VXC ceiling speakers, VXS surface mount speakers and VXL slimline, column-type line array speakers. Models range from miniature full-range units through to subtle-but-powerful subwoofers and a power-over-Ethernet (PoE) VXL unit, forming a full lineup of aesthetically-pleasing loudspeakers which deliver superb musicality and natural response.

With Yamaha’s wide range of input, processing and amplification options, the VX range makes complete Yamaha audio systems an ideal solution for any space or situation.

Helping systems integrators to create optimal Yamaha speaker systems, the latest CISSCA V3.0 software adds extra speaker data3 and a new user interface with Auto and Advanced modes, which can be chosen according to the user’s needs.

Yamaha’s ProVisionaire Control (Windows) and ProVisionaire Touch (iOS) software applications allow the intuitive creation of bespoke touch panel controllers, dedicated to the applications and functions required for an installation project.

The latest V3.5 update adds unified monitoring functionality for Yamaha pro audio equipment, allowing in-depth management via audio networks, with the number of supported Yamaha devices also being expanded. For example, in a theatre where compatible devices such as CL/QL series digital mixers, Rio-D2 series I/O racks and PC-D/DI series power amplifiers are distributed throughout the area, a single operator can monitor and manage the entire system from one computer. The addition of improved monitoring capability will notably increase system convenience and reliability.

V3.5 also provides compatibility with the MSD series video switchers from IDK Corporation4, providing more comprehensive control for conference rooms, halls, multi-purpose halls and theatres that handle both audio and video content.

Design flexibility and operability are also enhanced with a number of new widgets. With significantly improved operation and management capabilities, plus more flexible control, ProVisionaire control/touch stands as a unified platform solution that offers outstanding convenience and reliability for a wide range of applications.

Yamaha’s final announcement for InfoComm 2019 is the release of Python script templates that facilitate external control of CL, QL and TF series digital mixing consoles, expanding the versatility and convenience of these popular mixers even further by providing easy control from Figure 53’s QLab5 show control software.

A huge asset for musicals and other theatrical productions that use QLab for control, Python script templates for the CL, QL and TF series consoles make it possible to remotely control scene recall, fader operation and channel on/off switching. The user can also easily rewrite the control parameters to provide control of any specific scene and channel.

Yamaha’s product team has begun the development of an exciting suite of new AV over IP products targeted at the Pro AV market, based on Audinate’s recently-announced Dante AV technology.

Yamaha and Audinate have collaborated on audio solutions for nearly a decade, including the RIVAGE PM series of flagship digital mixing systems, MTX / MRX series matrix processors and VXL power over Ethernet (PoE) line array speakers.

The first of the new Yamaha AV products will focus on applications with the need to breakout and distribute audio and video signals, while maintaining tight synchronization throughout the facility or venue.

Dante AV is a groundbreaking technology which provides a flexible and cost-effective solution to integrating video transmission and routing over existing 1 Gbps Dante networks, synchronising video and audio to sub-microsecond accuracy with a single network clock. The Dante AV Product Design Suite includes the industry leading intoPIX JPEG2000 codec, capable of supporting 4K/60 4:4:4 video for visually lossless, low latency results.

Yamaha is exhibiting at Booth 6461 (Professional Audio), Booth 4961 (Unified Communications) and in demo room W224D at InfoComm 2019, which takes place from 12-14 June at Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL, USA.

11th June 2019

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