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Orbital Sound Teams Up with Pleasance Edinburgh

UK – Orbital Sound is partnering with the Edinburgh Fringe’s largest and most highly respected venues, The Pleasance, to stage a unique two-day training event in advance of this year’s Festival. The bespoke course addresses the specific requirements of audio for the dynamic environment of fringe theatre, providing venue crews and technicians of all skill levels with the essential ingredients needed to develop their audio knowledge. Led by Orbital Sound’s head of education Mike Thacker, Fringe Fundamentals for Sound runs from 24-25 July in Edinburgh, with a total of 35 places available.

With a 20+ year track record for professional theatre audio training, Orbital Sound’s dedicated education centre in London hosts a regular series of specialist courses. Managing director Chris Headlam expands: “We have always been dynamic advocates for helping create the next generation of technicians and engineers. Our courses are designed to address the real-world issues they face in the theatre, encouraging best practices based on the key audio skills and theory. By teaming up with Pleasance for this unique course, we want to help all fringe venue technicians expand their confidence and skills immediately before this year’s event.” Orbital Sound’s relationship with The Pleasance spans many years, fielding expert technicians and equipment during the hectic Fringe for the past 26 years.

The Pleasance Theatre Trust, under its artist and technician’s support umbrella Pleasance Futures, is fully supporting the cost of all places for technicians coming to the Pleasance this summer. Pleasance director Anthony Alderson states: “The Pleasance passionately believes it is important to give people the space and freedom to take risks both on and off stage. From this spirit of innovation springs confidence, and great careers are given a platform upon which to flourish. This spirit has embodied the organisation throughout the past 34 years, during which we have become world-renowned for supporting great talent both on and off stage, building an environment that nurtures, encourages and develops the brightest new ideas, raw talent and skill. Providing these opportunities is why we exist.”

Fringe Fundamentals for Sound will cover a wide cross-section of skills, including audio concepts, systems elements, audio processing, cabling, safety and rigging, console set-up and audio playback, QLab essentials, mixing basics and radio microphone systems. The emphasis is on combining theory with practical skills, catering for a wide mix of skill levels.

24th June 2019

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