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Sound & Co. Adds Intensity to Tumult with Chauvet DJ

Sound & Co. Adds Intensity to Tumult with Chauvet DJ
Sound & Co. Adds Intensity to Tumult with Chauvet DJ

Belgium – Sanzaru might not be familiar to some people, but everyone knows the “see no evil,” “hear no evil,” “speak no evil” monkeys that fall under the term’s umbrella. Following the guidance of these ancient Shinto icons frees the soul to explore new forms of expression and fulfilment. This makes the sage sapiens fitting symbols for the liberating Tumult – the Sanzaru Order techno/rave parties that are adding so much passion, energy and excitement to Belgian night life.

Organised by Skippen Dam, Tumult events travel from club to club, enthralling fans with non-stop music by stellar DJs. Adding to the immersive effect of the Tumult experience is an intense light show featuring Chauvet DJ Intimidator Hybrid 140SR fixtures, supplied by Sound & Co.

“This is the fifth annual edition of Tumult, and the second year that we have lit the parties,” said Jonas Bellemans, CEO of Sound & Co. “Skippen Dam invests a great deal in bringing a lot of DJ talent to these events, which limits the budget for lighting. At the same time, you need a lot of intensity to support this kind of music. So you have to find fixtures that give the right balance.”

Bellemans notes that the 140W Intimidator Hybrid 140SR, with its intense output, motorised zoom, gobo capabilities and all its other features, allows him to deliver the eye-popping looks his client needs and a price that fits within budget.

In addition to appreciating the affordable price and numerous performance features of the Intimidator fixtures, Bellemans prizes them for their versatility. Having fixtures that are able to perform many different roles is especially important at Tumult parties, which often take place in urban clubs with relatively tight quarters and limited rigging options. This makes it critical to select moving fixtures that are not only compact, but also multi-functional, since it allows a greater variety of looks to be created with fewer fixtures.

“The versatility of the Intimidator 140SR very important to us, not only at Tumult but in many projects,” said Bellemans. “We always like to use this fixture, because as a hybrid, it can do many jobs.”

Typically hanging 12 Intimidator Hybrid 140SR fixtures above the dance floor, Bellemans uses them to create a powerfully engaging environment with rapidly moving beams sweeping across the room interspliced with special wash effects.

“In the techno scene people like the beam effect, so we use it throughout the show,” said Bellemans. “However, if you quickly change to a wash every now and then it creates a very cool effect that changes the atmosphere a little to grab extra attention from the crowd.”

Also holding the attention of the crowd are the varied looks Bellemans creates during the evening. Drawing on the gobo capabilities of his fixtures and changing beam angles, he is able to alter the lighting panorama on the dance floor.

“We use the Intimidators first with the prisms and right gobos, then later create powerful beams with them; people don’t even realize it’s the same fixture,” said Bellemans. “At that point our light show becomes bigger and better at drawing people into the Tumult experience.”

Sound & Co. Adds Intensity to Tumult with Chauvet DJSound & Co. Adds Intensity to Tumult with Chauvet DJ

27th June 2019

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