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Introducing rackSplit octo

Introducing rackSplit octo

rackSplit octo is a budget-friendly 1U rack-mount DMX/RDM opto-splitter. rackSplit octo heralds the new ‘skinny rack’ range from Artistic Licence, which also currently comprises a gateway (rackLynx octo). Its metal enclosure is a mere 50mm deep, allowing products to be doubled up (front and back) in touring racks for maximum packing density. Alternatively, the splitter is great for space-saving on wall mounted 1U racks.

The product features an optically isolated input and eight Neutrik XLR5 outputs which are electrically protected from transients. rackSplit octo is also equipped with the unique Artistic Licence 'data fix' mode, for use in situations with problematic fixtures that do not implement DMX/RDM correctly.

The electrical (transient) protection on the outputs guards against both static electricity and LED power supply faults or mis-wires. The input is optically isolated from the outputs and mains earth. This isolation offers protection from potentially dangerous high voltage accidents. Also it can eliminate potential earth/ground differential issues as the input is not electrically connected to any of the outputs.

One of the major advantages of the product compared to others on the market is that it can be transitioned into ‘data-fix’ mode with a simple slide switch on the front. This is an incredibly useful feature for situations where intra-manufacturer compatibility issues may be causing flicker. In data-fix mode, rackSplit octo discards all RDM and other specialist data packets. It also adjusts the DMX timing to values that are likely to be acceptable to fixtures that do not fully comply with the DMX standard.

The data-fix feature means that rackSplit octo can adapt to the quality of the installation. By this, we mean that all the benefits of RDM can be enjoyed if the installation supports and correctly implements bidirectional data flow; but the product can still cope if the DMX data is only marginally compliant with the standard, or if RDM is not supported and causing problems (situations that can be encountered with poorly designed or cheaper fixtures).

Fixture mode specification:

  • Automatic timing correction for DMX512

  • Accepts breaks from 56µS to 1000µS

  • Accepts MaB from 5µS to 1000µS

  • Accepts MbB from 0µS to 1000µS

  • Accepts channel count from 1-512

  • Accepts refresh from 23mS to 1000mS

  • Filters out consecutive breaks

  • Re-times bytes with 1 stop bit to 2 stop bits

  • Generates DMX with fixed timing parameters: Refresh = 33Hz, Brk=250µS, MaB=30µS, P=30mS, C=512, MbB=30µS

  • Filters out all Non-Zero Start Codes

Product feature summary:

  • DMX/RDM optosplitter / data-fixer

  • 8 outputs, transient protected

  • Optically isolated input

  • 1U 19” rack mount

  • Ultraslim 50mm profile

  • Data Fix mode

  • RDM filter

  • DMX timing correction

  • Neutrik XLR5 connectors

10th September 2019

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